The Tri-Unity in Religion and Science

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When you read this book, it is very likely that the world of Physics is still very calm. Like in the early morning, just when the sun rises. You feel peace and the birds start to wake up and you hear the first sounds breaking the silence of the night. The sounds of joy, the sounds of happiness, the sounds of peace. But it is the morning of the great battle. The battle in physics. Still everybody is asleep. There is no sign of aggression. But soon the armies will rise and the battle will be dark and merciless.

Because there is so much to lose. And what is there to gain. Physics has taken over Religion. Physics has replaced the God of Love by the God of the Dice. In Quantum Physics the magicians wave like Harry Potter magicians with their wants and speak out not understandable spells and create new formulas, new elementary particles which need so much more money to investigate . Physics has taken over the immense donations which were given in the past to the churches and which are given now in immense amounts  in the form of worldwide funding to high energy accelerators like CERN.  

But the war is coming. And this book is written in the darkest hours of the night and is presented in the morning just when the sun is rising and just before the war is starting. And the war will be merciless. Because there is so much to lose. It will be the war between Light and Darkness. The war between Freedom and Slavery. The war between Probability and Light.

And the empires of physics will ignore what is coming. They will look deep into their books with magic spells and they do not see that the war is coming. Because they do not see what they do not want to see.

The new theory presented in this book book will break patterns, will break believes and will break power. But that will not happen until the war has started and the Empire of Physics will strike back. Because there is so much to lose.

Because this theory will break patterns in thinking it is not possible to avoid the old patterns. And it is not possible to avoid the old equations and to avoid the old theories and to avoid the old spells. In the ancient Greece, philosophers like Plato were already discussing the concept of matter build out of particles. Called a-tomos (atom) by Democritus and means not dividable. And since then the concept of the atom has never left the human mind.

This new theory will break with the ancient concepts over more than 2000 years old. This new theory will be avoided by any physicist who respects himself and has been respected by his colleagues. How dare somebody to claim that we think in the wrong way already over more than 2000 years. It is like cursing in the Holy Church. The Holy Church of Physics.  But this theory is already spreading over the internet like an indestructible bug. And when the morning rises, Physics cannot deny anymore the question:  Is Physics following the right path of human logic or is Physics a mind blowing expensive trip in the non-existing worlds of illusions?

Religion & Spirituality
June 30
Wim Vegt
Draft2Digital, LLC

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