The Trials of Ildarwood: Fall of the Forsaken

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Publisher Description

Nineteen years before The Trials of Ildarwood, four desperate children escaped into a vast and mythic forest on a quest that would forever change their lives...

For nearly 10,000 years, the Trials have been a sacred tradition. On the first day of spring each year, every child of twelve must be banished into the nearest Ildarwood forest. Bound to the ancient woodland until their Trials are complete, they must master their control over one of nine powerful elements from the spirit realm before one day earning the right to return home.

But when four children from the ancient city of Silvermarsh are told their souls are far too damaged to survive their Trials, they must make a terrible choice—accept that their lives will almost certainly be cut short, or escape into the Ildarwood in a desperate attempt to forever change their fates. Compelled to find a rare variety of Ildarwood with the ability to make a single wish come true, the four must fend off terrifying threats and learn to unlock their incredible gifts before they can ever hope to reach the slumbering Dreamwood tree hidden somewhere deep within.

Who will sacrifice everything for a second chance at far better life? And who will fall to the chaos churning deep inside their soul? The answers await you within, where their stories are about to unfold…

“Fall of the Forsaken” is the harrowing precursor to the Trials of Ildarwood series, an intricately-woven epic fantasy series for teens and adults alike. Taking place nineteen years before the prologue in “Spectres of the Fall,” this inspiring tale provides a brief yet exciting introduction to an imaginative world with vast lore, diverse cultures, and a fascinating history.

Immerse yourself in a story that transcends generations. Discover which spectral element your soul would be aligned to alongside Tevaun Osei, Evalina Verdani, and their friends. And find out why readers all over the world are falling in love with the remarkable world of the Ildarwood — where every child is born with a gift that can forever change their lives.

The Ildarwood is calling. The adventure of a lifetime is about to begin!

Young Adult
January 31
Avylaan Kingdom Press
Aaron Pacheco