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American Democracy Has Met Its Match. 

But Brad Tilsdale Won’t Let It Go Down without a Fight.

Brad Tilsdale, one of the FBI’s top counterintelligence agents, is on a mission: ferret out a Russian mole he knows is lurking within the Bureau’s ranks. Meanwhile, Russia’s KGB and China’s MSS have bigger plans. They’re joining forces to infiltrate higher levels of the U.S. government with programmed sleeper agents—and not even the White House is above their ambitions. And their plan has a name: The Trojan Horse Project.

What follows is the gripping story of shadowy plots intersecting with the dogged persistence of a career lawman. As the various forces of the Trojan Horse Conspiracy spring into action, Tilsdale and his team nearly derail the world’s most infamous terrorist attack, despite the government’s blunders. International crises come to a head as North Korea and China sit on the edge of nuclear war with the United States. These seemingly disparate world events find a common thread, presenting a puzzle that Tilsdale must unravel if he’s to safeguard a nation’s security and freedom. His mission leads him into the domain of America’s political elite—and what he finds may push the nation into chaos.

With a story woven around some familiar public figures, The Trojan Horse Conspiracy asks unsettling questions: Who is actually controlling our government, and how do we protect ourselves from evildoers? What nefarious forces are behind Washington’s power set? In reality, we will always owe our freedom not to our presidents, but to the brave men and women willing to sacrifice their lives for an ideal of democracy and freedom. A page-turning political thriller, Dick Nelson’s novel will leave you with a clear-eyed view of the fragility of our political system—and the importance of defending it against all odds.

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July 25
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