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Ever since my marriage ended, I've kept relationships at arm's length.

But after meeting stuntman Steven French and staring into his hypnotic eyes, I know I could easily jump into his arms. So I did. 


On the beach. 

Best decision Ever.

Now, despite all odds, we're creating our own versio

March 17
Leslie Pike

Customer Reviews

apres ,

A Sexy, Fantastic Love Story

What a great debut novel by Leslie Pike! I love finding new authors and new stories! The Trouble With Eden accomplishes both of those things for me. This was a love story with grown-ups. Both Bliss and Steven know who they are, what they are looking for and how they think they want their lives to play out. When they meet it is definitely an instant attraction, but after only a few hours spent together it is apparent that they know their meeting is so much more. I liked that they seemed real with one another. They didn't hold back, keep secrets (well not too much) or play games with each other. Now this is not to say that there weren't the usual drama points because what would a good story be without them, but it all worked to make them a better couple.

There were a few times that I felt the story dragged on a bit, but as a whole this was a wonderful story and book. I loved the humor both between Steven and Bliss, as well as the inclusion of the secondary characters of Jack, Nicki, Albie and Finn. The interplay between them was integral in Steven and Bliss' relationship and without them the story would definitely have not been the same. I also loved how consummate bachelor Steven becomes so committed to Bliss and the way he goes above and beyond to show her how much she means to him. Later it is Bliss who turns the tables on Steven in proving how they are the other half of each other.

I hope you will all give this book a read and I look forward to seeing what Leslie brings us next! I'd personally love seeing Finn find a girl that rocks his world!

Misti S ,

A Beautiful Love Story

This story was not only a beautiful love story but it was also in the most gorgeous locations. I would love to visit. Bliss is this head strong woman that isn't going to put up with no nonsense from any man. She knows what she wants and isn't settling for less. When she meets Stephen everything happens fast. But their past is determined to hold them back. Specially if there's a snake in the grass. This is five star book and it's only Leslie's very first book. I can't wait to see what's to come. Must read!

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