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This is the fully illustrated novel…

I had no idea what passion was,

Until I saw them...

I need a husband, and Lord Quintin Wyntor will do just fine. I want to offer him a mutual agreement of respect and independence—As long as he never visits my bed to claim his marital rights. I follow him to do just that, but end up with so much more. Seeing him with a man, with Calder, changes everything I know to be true. For better, and for worse.

Passion yet unknown to me is stirred a desire never before experienced.

Even so—I never wants to touch or be touched.


Quinn doesn’t understand what she’s telling him, but when his heart is shattered because his lover walks away, he decides to explore his feelings for Celeste to ease his broken heart.

In one unchecked moment of passion a mutual need spins out of control and changes both of their lives forever. A future for Quinn with Calder may now be impossible.

Will Celeste give in to what Quinn wants for her or will she stand her ground, gain her happiness, and help Quinn find another way?

This book is the story of Celeste and has her happily for now. 

It’s also the beginning of Calder and Quinn’s story which is continued in THE SPARE AND THE HEIR.

Warning: this book has a cliffhanger ending for Calder and Quinn, but is very much part of their story. 

Warning: this is not a kissing book, but it is a dirty book

Warning: You’re going to fall in love, and it’s going to hurt.

September 13
Illustrated Romance
Jenn LeBlanc

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