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Shadowvale isn’t typical small town America. The sun never shines, the gates decide who enters, magic abounds, and every resident bears some kind of curse.

No one knows this as well as raven shifter Deacon Evermore, who, like everyone in his family, has a curse. While his position as Shadowvale’s peacekeeper lets him use that curse for good, he’d rather live anywhere else. He stays for his family, but doubts he can last much longer.

Fledgling witch Emeranth Greer is determined to escape her past and make a fresh start in Shadowvale with the aunt she’s never met. Her aunt and the town prove to be far better than she imagined. There’s no way Em is leaving this magical place. Especially when staying means more time with the handsome Deacon.

But when Em’s troubled past catches up with her and nearly destroys the romance budding between her and Deacon, her instinct is to run again. Except there’s magic in the mix now and the town won’t let her leave. Only Deacon can save her, but can a cursed man clear her name…or will her history destroy them both?

May 13
Sugar Skull Books
Kristen Brunori

Customer Reviews

plage1 ,

Good story likable characters

I like Kristin Painter’s writing and have read all of her Nocturn Falls series. Shadowvale is not the same type of town, it’s not open to normal humans, only supernaturals and the cursed. This is a rad darker than Noturn Falls but the Author’s humor and likeable characters still characterize this story. The romance moves a bit fast but over all I enjoyed this start to the Shadowvale series and plan to buy the next one.

Christine Lee70 ,

a wonderful story full of interesting characters in a world you can enjoy from page 1.

The Trouble With Witch’s is Kristen Painter’s first entry in her latest series. Shadowvale is a hidden town where people with differences, curses, or other special abilities can live relatively normal lives where they aren’t hunted or stared at.

Emeranthe Greer was raised by a conniving opportunistic woman who always looked out for number one: herself. Often to the detriment of her own daughter. When Em’s mother is finally put in prison for her various crimes, Em takes it for an opportunity to escape her mother’s criminal lifestyle. She hunts down her Aunt Amelia in Shadowvale.

Family secrets and betrayals are revealed, and Em has some hard truths to learn and hard decisions to make.

As with Kristen Painter’s other incredible series’, The Trouble With Witch’s, Shadowvale #1 is a wonderful story full of interesting characters in a world you can enjoy from page 1.

Lisa Bateman ,

She finds her place in the world

This is now my favorite series of Kristen Painter’s. Now I want Jayne Frost to visit Shadowvale lol. I loved all the characters. I want to know more about the mysterious tiger, Thoreau. Hope the next book will be coming soon. The MC Em really went through a lot in life. Her past is chasing her everywhere she goes. Will she find peace at her aunt’s, whom she’s never met? Little does she know, this isn’t a normal town. And she has lived her whole life not knowing she is an actual witch. Shadowvale is hidden from outsiders. But it lets her in. This opens up a whole new world to her. A world with relatives of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Everyone here has a curse. This is a place where the weird fit in making them not so weird. If you are a misfit, you might some day find yourself in this town.

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