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This is a story that was discovered of a community that was never having the habit of warring. However, it got to a time that the wealth of the land attracted other neighbouring communities who felt this land must be taken away from these people who originally settled here by the means of continued wars since the people were found to be very feeble to wars.

This however, didnt go down well with one of the young men who from so many stories he heard of his grandfather while the grandfather was still alive as regarding who were the real owners of this land that is now becoming a troubled land, decided to take some serious risk and measures. This he did by travelling out of his home-town in search for power acquisition from various goddesses in other regions.

Again, as times and days grew older then, the young man after creating fame for himself, decided to be rebellious against those who ennobled him and thereby causing the people more troubles. His attitude became so unbearable few years after his coronation as the King. He was regarded as the peoples death trap.

The Kings uncompromising attitude brought fears into the land and its people. This led to those who couldnt stand these troubles to run for their dear lives. And as a result of these troubles in the land and the Kings aggressive drives, many settlements, which later in the years grew into villages and towns were founded. This thereby led to this community expanding into many parts of the district and beyond. Though some of these settlements were founded in virgin land, that were never occupied by people which the people still lived in them till date.

As times kept on drifting, the people became restive of the King and this led the warriors and the elders of the community to plan the death of the King. However, while the people were making every frantic effort to have the King dead, the King was facing more troubles with his wives and children.

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October 9
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