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Thirty-one day devotional on the Gospel of John chapter 15. Andrew Murray explores the relationship of the branches to the True Vine and challenges Christians to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Excerpt: “I have felt drawn to try to write what young Christians might easily apprehend, as a help to them to take up that position in which the Christian life must be a success. It is as if there is not one of the principal temptations and failures of the Christian life that is not met here. The nearness, the all-sufficiency, the faithfulness of the Lord Jesus, the naturalness, the fruitfulness of a life of faith, are so revealed, that it is as if one could with confidence say, Let the parable enter into the heart, and all will be right.”

Scriptures index used is the Revised Version. Chapters:

• The Vine

• The Husbandman

• The Branch

• The Fruit

• More Fruit

• The Cleansing

• The Pruning Knife

• Abide

• Except Ye Abide

• The Vine

• Ye the Branches

• Much Fruit

• You Can Do Nothing

• Withered Branches

• Whatsoever Ye Will

• If Ye Abide

• The Father Glorified

• True Disciples

• The Wonderful Love

• Abide in My Love

• Obey and Abide

• Ye, Even as I

• Joy

• Love One Another

• Even as I Have Loved You

• Christ’s Friendship: Its Origin

• Christ’s Friendship: Its Evidence

• Christ’s Friendship: Its Intimacy

• Election

• Abiding Fruit

• Prevailing Prayer


Andrew Murray was a South African writer, teacher, and Christian pastor. Murray considered missions to be "the chief end of the church." Andrew Murray was the second child of Andrew Murray Sr. , a Dutch Reformed Church missionary sent from Scotland to South Africa. Andrew Murray was born in Graaff Reinet, South Africa. His mother, Maria Susanna Stegmann, was of French Huguenot and German Lutheran descent.

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