The Truth About Natural Laws: How To Find Joy And Peace (2nd Edition‪)‬

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Do you find it difficult to achieve Joy and Peace in your life? You were Created to Love and to be Loved. The Golden Rule is: ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ We do not hear much about The Golden Rule these days? We have gotten off the path we were intended to walk and it is time to get back.
Our Society is hardly recognizable from what it was just three generations ago: Our Families are under assault, Mass Shootings and Suicides are up - Kindness and Civility is down; Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Gambling are out-of-control, and the Sexualization of our young children is unrelenting, with no end in sight. Marriage and Church attendance is down; out of wedlock pregnancies are up and Abortions are still taking the lives of a million human beings per year.
Our Societal disintegration can be traced back to a lack of love for each other and for God. It is a Natural Law that You “Reap What You Sow, More Than You Sow, And Later Than You Sow.”
We have lost our Moral Compass. This is not what our Creator intended. God does indeed Love us and desires for us to Love Him and one another; this is Absolute Truth - that is - Always True - you can count on it. No matter what you do or have done or will do in the future, God will always love you and desire a relationship with you and expect you to Love your neighbor. The Truth About Natural Laws: How To Find Joy And Peace (2nd Edition) is a plea for a return to Moral Living.
We are created - we are meant to live according to Absolute Truths; earlier I gave you two of them: God Loves You and He expects you to Love your neighbor, but He created us with Free Will; so you have to decide - will you Love Your Neighbor? Will you comply with His Absolute Truths?
We have rules - Natural Laws - intended to govern our behavior, but we are ignoring them. If we disregard the Natural Laws by which we are meant to live, we should not be surprised when things go wrong. Read this book and start to live as intended by our Creator, with Joy and Peace.

Health, Mind & Body
June 24
T. C. Maloney
Draft2Digital, LLC

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