The Truths We Bury: A Short Thriller and Mystery Boxed Set The Truths We Bury: A Short Thriller and Mystery Boxed Set

The Truths We Bury: A Short Thriller and Mystery Boxed Set

Meghan O'Flynn and Others
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Publisher Description

If you love a good thrill ride, this collection of seven novellas from acclaimed bestselling and award-winning authors has you covered. Each installment delivers relentless tension and heart-pounding twists perfect for fans of Kendra Elliot, Roger Stelljes, and Melinda Leigh.

Prey for Night (Malcolm Richards)

There are many ways to die in the desert… When Jane's plane crashes in the unforgiving Mojave desert, she and her wounded flight mates are stranded in the wilderness. As night falls, an abandoned ranch becomes their refuge, but Jane is about to discover the ranch isn't as abandoned as they think… A chilling short thriller by award-nominated Malcolm Richards.

Out with the Sunset (P. D. Workman)

It's an ugly murder in a beautiful setting. But this picturesque backdrop conceals secrets more sinister than the crime… "This promises to be a wonderful series with fantastic characters, interesting locations, and fascinating glimpses into different cultures."

Bad Weather (Paul Austin Ardoin)

Sometimes a lie is the only way to reveal the truth. Months from receiving her criminal justice degree, Dez Roubideaux's world shifts when she meets Frankie—a woman with an intriguing story of sexism in the publishing industry. But when Dez realizes Frankie is lying about her identity, the secrets put Dez in mortal danger. Can Dez uncover the truth before her future—and those she holds dear—become casualties of Frankie's dangerous past? "Sucks you right in and keeps you reading." (Author Charles Lemoine)

Ruined (Ava S. King)

A gripping heart-pounding thrill ride. When Andi's night at her best friend's wedding ends with the kidnapping of the bride's powerful uncle, Andi is thrust into a high-stakes mission to locate him. But she soon discovers that the victim is not as innocent as he appears—and dark secrets have a way of coming to light…

Midnight Drive (Tom Fowler)

John Tyler thought the job would be easy. Then the client disappeared. When a simple job gets complicated, retired soldier John Tyler must find a missing man in the middle of a drug compound. A gripping and relentless race against time, this adrenaline-fueled adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Salvation (Meghan O'Flynn)

They took the woman he loved, but they can't  bury the truth. When Ed Petrosky stumbles across the body of his fiancée in the snow, he can tell that there are inconsistencies in her case even through his fog of grief. And when another body turns up, Ed realizes that Heather's death is far from an isolated incident… "Wickedly entertaining." (Bestselling Author Kristen Mae)

Peig's Place (Virginia King)

She just needs a break by the sea. But the house hides a shocking secret. How long will the past remain hidden? Virginia King crafts a gripping novelette that blends the allure of coastal escape with spine-tingling suspense, leaving readers questioning what lurks in the shadows of Peig's Place.

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August 6
Pygmalion Publishing
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