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Ignoring or avoiding Mikhail Benovich was not an option. When he wanted something, he went after it with everything. Seeing Kristen across the room, he decided he wanted her. A month after their first meeting, they were married. Two months later, Kristen found herself pregnant. And two months after that, her unborn baby girl was fighting for her life. 

Kristen left the stressful lifestyle, but never meant to leave Mikhail. Diligently, she sent him a letter each month detailing the progress of her pregnancy, the birth of their beautiful baby girl, and all the milestones of her young life. 

Three years later, Mikhail finds one of those letters and is furious, unaware until that moment that he is a father! He immediately goes to find his daughter, determined to win custody, only to find that, not only does his daughter recognize him, but his three year old daughter is barreling towards him, throwing herself into his arms in her excitement that he’d finally arrived. 

Something doesn’t add up and he’s determined to get to the bottom of the issue. And get his family back, even if his estranged wife is opposed.

January 30
Elizabeth Lennox Books (www.ElizabethLennox.com)
Elizabeth Lennox Books LLC

Customer Reviews

PSemones ,


I have read so many books where the father doesn't know he has a child. Swoops in and takes over. Other than the same story line this book was warm and sweet. I loved that Kristen stood her ground, but let him into her heart. Pretty sweet. I was glad to only find a few misspelled words. In the second chapter the conniving secretary sent an email to hatch her plan. But that was it, I am confused I never found anything else about the email. If you are going to put something that significant in the writing please finish it.

Idindianadavis ,


A very realistic book about life. It was wonderful, looking forward to reading more.....

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