The Ultimate Beginners Running Guide: The Key To Running Inspired

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Publisher Description

Several years ago Ryan Robert noticed his niece was having body image issues. She obsessed about her weight and let it take control of her life. Eventually she even lost the confidence she once effortlessly displayed. 

As an avid runner, Ryan knew if he was able to get his niece to start running she would gain self-confidence, better mental and physical acuity. It would also allow her a better focus on health rather than weight. Ryan started writing notes to his niece about different aspects of running. These notes became the impetus for his book Running Inspired.

Running Inspired provides a wealth of information for the non-runner and beginning runner. The book covers everything from proper form, to shoes, to running schedules, and food. There is also information on how to stay motivated including visualization exercises. These are the tools Ryan used to teach his niece to run inspired and they will help you too.

Ryan's writing style is friendly, easy to read, and non-judgmental. If you have ever thought about running, even if you've never tried it, Running Inspired is the perfect place to start.

From the Back Cover 

"As an avid half marathoner, I suffered severely from a blood clot in my lung and was certain I would never run again. I turned to Running Inspired to find the confidence I needed to start over as well as expert tips on training, gear, nutrition and hydration. Most importantly, this book helped me to stay motivated and reach my goals. It is an all-inclusive resource for anyone who wants to start exercising, lose weight, or take on a new challenge in the face of adversity." 

Sara Wyen

Running Coach and Blogger

"This entire book can help everyone from the novice runner to the experienced marathoner. I fall somewhere in between and found the book had all the information a runner could want and need to be a better runner. If you too want to run happy, treat your body right during training, and take your running to a higher level — buy this book."

Bess Harrington

Certified Personal Trainer and Blogger

"I was so thankful to find Ryan Robert's book for beginner runners. Moms RUN This Town is a running club with a huge percentage of beginner runners. This easy-to-read guide is exactly what I needed to prepare my new runners with the basic knowledge they need to get started.  Readers will find all the "must know" topics covered for beginner runners and will definitely leave feeling more knowledgeable, inspired and ready to hit the road."

Pam Burrus

Chief Operating Mama Moms RUN This Town

"Whether a beginner, an athlete returning to the sport after a break or a seasoned runner; there really is something for everyone here. Ryan has managed to put a wealth of information into this relatively small book. The fact that it takes into account the mental aspects of the sport, in addition to the physical, makes the book a winner."

Jill Whitaker

Running Coach and Blogger

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January 24
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