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A translation of Abū Shujā‘ah al-Aṣfahānī’s introduction to classical Islamic law. This enduring classic covers the full range of basic topics within the Shāfi‘ī school of law. It includes the full Arabic text and notes to point out where later Shāfi‘ī jurists have differed from the author, Imām al-Nawawī’s preferences, and minor clarifications and explanations.

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August 1
Steven Furber

Customer Reviews

khalidg71 ,

Excellent Shafi'i fiqh primer

This is an excellent concise manual of Shafi'i fiqh that anyone would benefit from, regardless of his/her level of
knowledge. It functions as a primer for beginners and a handy reference for more advanced students. It contains the original Arabic and it is vowelled, which is a tremendous help to those of us who are still learning the language. The English is clear and simple and the explanatory footnotes are very helpful. Shaykh Musa did a wonderful job. May Allah reward Shaykh Musa and the author, Abū Shujā‘ al-Aṣfahānī.

T-A-R ,

Very Useful

Credit to Shaykh Musa for publishing this important work of Shafi'i fiqh. It is easy to read in both Arabic and English, properly organised and formatted and, most importantly, is accurate and a great text to learn with a qualified scholar. I hope more works are forthcoming and that people benefit, Insha'Allah.

Ucdiv ,

Excellent and authoritative translation! A real service!

This is an exceptional ebook that presents both the Arabic text and English translation of Qadi Abu Shujaa's Ghayat al-taqrib, a manual of Islamic law according to the Shafii school. The translator, Shaykh Musa Furber, has studied Islamic law, theology, and the ancillary sciences for over a decade and a half under qualified teachers from various parts of the Muslim world, including Damascus, Syria and al-Azhar. He has brought his considerable expertise to translating one of the key teaching texts of the Shafii school and making it accessible in a unique format for modern English speaking Muslims. It is a most welcome addition to the library of classical texts in English. The original Arabic has served as a teaching text for countless Muslims over a span of centuries and it is hoped that this translation will have the same reception amongst English speaking Muslims.