The Ultimate Hang 2

Hammock Camping Illustrated

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Publisher Description

Hammock camping is one of the most comfortable ways to enjoy the indoors, and it makes a great companion for a long-distance thru-hike, relaxing at a park, a weekend backpacking trip, or just an overnight in the woods! Get off the ground and begin enjoying the outdoors. 


Updated with more than 300 illustrations, The Ultimate Hang helps you discover the freedom, comfort, and convenience of hammock camping. Learn how to set up and use a hammock to stay dry, warm, and bug free in a Leave No Trace-friendly way. 


The author covers hammock camping basics such as how to get a perfect hang and how to stay dry, warm, and bug free. Plus, it illustrates techniques and tips to get the most out of a hammock shelter, including an entire do-it-yourself section for making different styles of hammocks, suspension systems, and a variety of accessories. 


All the best tips and techniques on hammock camping in one place. Stop searching and start relaxing.

    Sports & Outdoors
    November 23
    Hansen Outdoors
    Derek Hansen

    Customer Reviews

    Wish in' it worked ,

    Great content, Not iBook font supported.

    I love the content in this book. It is very well written and informative, and has lots of great illustrations. The author did a great job writing the first generation and he far out does himself in writing this second generation. I am extremely satisfied with the content.

    What is not so great is there is no font or background color support for this book in the iBook reader. I am using an iPhone to read this book and each page is displayed in full which requires zooming in to enlarge the text and scrolling down the columns of the page. Then to change pages one has to zoom back out to the full page and then swiping left. Books that are font supported in iBooks fill the page with text and requires a simple swipe to the left to continue. Also the background color is white and text is black which makes it difficult for me to read at night and there is no way to change this. This is why I only give three stars for the review. If this book had iBook font and background color support I would rate it five stars.

    iynque ,

    Not a good eBook.

    This is basically a PDF. Absolutely terrible experience, and not worth the effort.

    A normal eBook would flow text on the screen automatically, allowing you to change size and color for your comfort. This PDF allows for none of that. You have to zoom in on the text, which is tiny and doesn’t fit on a phone screen very well. And it’s only ever black on white; no night mode, no sepia. Just awful—everything good about ebooks is stripped away and replaced with tedious page layouts.

    Also, there are several QR codes to link you to online resources. Are there hyperlinks you can just tap on? No. So I guess I have to get another phone to point at my phone to get the URL, then copy the URL back to my phone? Just dumb.

    Really disappointing, and really poorly done. I just want a normal, readable eBook, not a PDF.

    Form follows function. Pretty page layouts that are unreadable are utterly worthless.

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