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•Charles River Editors original biography of Lyndon Johnson

•Johnson’s Inaugural Address and all of his State of the Union Addresses

Of all the politicians who have left their mark on American history, few have had a political career or list of accomplishments and accolades that can even come close to rivaling Lyndon B. Johnson. Johnson is one of only 4 Americans to serve as a House Rep, U.S. Senator, Vice President and President, and he made the most out of each experience. 

A fateful chain of events propelled then propelled Johnson from Capitol Hill to the White House. After Johnson’s failed run for the Democratic nomination in 1960, winner John F. Kennedy chose Johnson as his running mate over his brother Bobby’s objections. Kennedy figured Johnson’s Texas roots would help balance Kennedy's decidedly Northeastern appeal, as well as adding a sense of age, experience and gravitas to the younger Kennedy’s campaign. While this was all true and did indeed help Kennedy win the election in 1960, his assassination ultimately brought Johnson to the presidency.

Kennedy has been nostalgically and fondly remembered for his youth, vigor and sense of unfinished potential, but it would be President Johnson who would bring much of the agenda to fruition. To the surprise of many, the Southern Democrat relied on his wealth of Senate experience and dogged determination to help push through an ambitious and progressive social agenda that formed the backbone of modern American society. Known as the Great Society, President Johnson’s legislation included the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964, as well as the establishment of Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, and the "War on Poverty." Everything from the National Endowment for the Arts to the Environmental Protection Agency has its roots in Johnson’s presidency.

Had Johnson’s presidency included just his domestic agenda, he would have unquestionably been one of America’s greatest presidents. Unfortunately, as he was engineering a new social contract at home, he was ramping up American military participation in a tiny country thousands of miles away in Southeast Asia. For a man who accomplished so much at home, it’s ironic and tragic that his presidency and legacy were permanently marred by his escalation in the costly and contentious Vietnam War, a military quagmire and public relations disaster that compelled Johnson not to run for reelection in 1968. 

The Ultimate Lyndon B. Johnson Collection chronicles the amazing life of the president, examines his unprecedented legislative accomplishments, and analyzes the controversial Vietnam War and Johnson’s mixed legacy. Along with an original biography of LBJ, this collection includes his inaugural address, all of his state of the union addresses, and pictures of important people, places, and events. 

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