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If human life has a meaning, or not, individuals are led to asking this question, mainly, on the occasion of the budget of their own lives or in dangerous conditions for their existence. In the West, many have a faith, very shallow, in a religious creed or in an ideology, which provides a vague meaning to human existence, of which, the generality of individuals is satisfied, or pretends to be content. Whoever believes in depth, or is made fanatic, accepts the responses (irrational) that offer these philosophies (namely the meaning of human existence), but does not feel, however, intimately satisfied and his faith likely to take him to an intimate despair, which can lead to the self-destruction or at desire of the destruction of all mankind. This happens mainly for two reasons: the first reason is inherent the unsatisfactory clarity of responses, resulting from the insufficient analysis of the actual condition of humanity (while the condition of each individual is only a reflection and a consequence of the common condition of existence); the second reason stems from the failure to offer, immediately usable, the solution of the problem of the perennial conflict between human nature and social reality, whose failure to solve generates unhappiness and anguish. Only those who be put in a detached perspective and are as little as possible involved in the logic of the historical reality in place, they can achieve a reliable analysis of the actual human condition and recognize the way, authentic, of the human existence, in a framework of genuine regeneration of the inter-individual and social relations. Making effective and feasible the ancient dream of the philosophers of a "Apocatastasis", which realizes the propitious conditions to achieve happiness and self-fulfillment of each individual, independently of every external entity at every individual free and fully self-conscious.

September 20
Giano Rocca
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