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Publisher Description

The story The Uncertain Generation is a follow-up to the author’s first novel, The Uncertainties of Life.

While, both novels are works of fiction, The Uncertainties of Life, covers the problems, the hardships, and the triumphs of ranch life over a large part of the twentieth century. It also served to point out how the problems of the world eventually came to affect ranchers and ranches, even in the most remote areas.

The Uncertain Generation brings us up to the mid-1990s. While the ranch setting remains the same, the grandson, the third generation, has taken over the operation of the ranch, and while basic ranching practices remain somewhat the same, he finds himself faced with problems completely different from those of his forbearers—the largest problem being that he is locked into a running battle with a giant corporation, where some of the top personnel show more interest in personal gain than in company profits and are willing to use any approach to obtain their goals.

Friendships remain strong, and ranchers continue to be dedicated to one another and work together in a helpful manner while at times chiding one another in a good-natured manner. However, the changes in the type of livestock and equipment used in some cases and the changes in the morals of the times are quite evident, but the novel shows how such changes are accepted. The story also shows how inflation is reflected upon the attitudes of people, as our hero is willing to put everything on the line in hopes of making that big score that people of the past just dreamed about.

Add a beautiful woman—who fits into today’s business world—to tempt a lonely bachelor and our hero’s frequent reflections upon his previous generations while making comparisons to his own position in life, and The Uncertain Generation all adds up to a story of mystery, romance, violence, and even financial manipulation relatable to our times.

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October 1