The Underground Academy: The Complete Series The Underground Academy: The Complete Series

The Underground Academy: The Complete Series

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Publisher Description

Only young criminals are allowed at the Underground Academy of Magic.

When Tristan Fairholm is invited to study at the Underground Academy, he thinks he's being transferred to a more secure juvenile detention center.

He hadn't meant to give his bully a concussion. He had never even fought back before. But this time, something strange happened—something he can't explain. A strange power surged through him, and the next thing he knew, the kid was on the floor, bleeding from his nose.

If he rejects the offer to study at the Underground Academy, Tristan will remain in Juvie.

But something doesn't seem quite right about this new academy.

For one, it's hidden away in the northern Rocky Mountains, where no one can find it.

For another, there are no students except the fourteen recruited alongside Tristan.

Oh—and they're studying magic.

* * *

"It's like characters from my favorite series had been gathered into a book."

"This book gave so many Harry Potter feels."

"The Natural Order has a raw, suspenseful energy running through it from beginning to end."

* * *

Book 1: The Natural Order

As he learns to extract and shape raw magic, Tristan finds unexpected friendship in his fellow students, from lovable Rusty Lennox to mysterious, fey Amber Ashton.

But the more he learns, the more the mysteries pile up.

Why are only criminals welcome at the Underground Academy?

Why are the students harvesting mountains of raw magic, if they rarely get a chance to use it?

And who is sabotaging their school?

* * *

Book 2: Rogue Magic

The attacker was caught...or so they think.

As his second year at the Underground Academy begins, Tristan finds himself accused of arson once again. He is convinced someone is out to destroy their school.

But no one listens to him.

Meanwhile, classes have begun, and this time Tristan and Amber are learning to use the Map Room themselves. While their classes grow more challenging than ever, the students are forced to reconcile themselves with the academy's dark purpose. But their work will be for nothing if the school isn't safe.

Something is lurking in the forest nearby, and it won't stay hidden forever.

* * *

Book 3: Lost Magic

Tristan and Amber have been singled out as the best magicians at the Lair…and now they have to risk everything to stop Ilana.

For Tristan, leaving the Lair is like going back in time. Once again, he's an outcast. Nothing will be the same when he returns—if he returns.

And this time, it's not just his school that is threatened.

With Ilana watching their every move, and a virtual army of students taking her orders, Tristan and Amber won't be able to succeed alone.

But they are cut off completely from the Lair.

Who can they trust?

* * *

Book 4: The Final Order

After narrowly escaping Ilana's dangerous school, Tristan is reunited with his friends once again.

But though Ilana is gone, the deadly enchantment she left behind is powerful enough to bring the world to ruin.

Time is running short as Tristan and his friends fight to contain the destructive magic.

And this time, there's nowhere to hide.

Young Adult
March 24
R.J. Vickers
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Grindelynn ,

Good read

I enjoyed reading this book. Great fantasy escape.

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