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From USA Today bestselling author Eva Pohler comes the adventure and romance that Greek mythology fans have been waiting for.

Dive into a world in which the ancient gods of Greece are real.

Fifteen-year-old Therese watches her parents die. While in a coma, she meets the twin sons of Hades—Hypnos (the god of sleep) and Thanatos (the god of death). She thinks she's manipulating a dream, not kissing the god of death and totally rocking his world.

Than makes a deal with Hades and goes as a mortal to the Upperworld to try and win Therese's heart, but not all the gods are happy. Some give her gifts. Others try to kill her.

The deal requires Therese to avenge the death of her parents. With the help of Than’s fierce and exotic sisters, the Furies, she finds herself in an arena face to face with the murderer, and only one will survive.

*Formerly The Gatekeeper's Trilogy

Young Adult
May 12
Eva Pohler
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

adorablered ,

The Gatekeeper’s Trilogy

Great fantasy books! Loved Therese’s evolution from mortal to goddess. I did lose count of the trials and test she had to endure and pass to be with her true love, Than. Makes mortal life seem so easy.
Kudos to the author, Eva Pohler!!

Clarise437 ,

Best Trilogy Ever

This trilogy will hook you so quickly from all action, romance, and love from the families in the books. Eva Pohler is an outstanding author and I can't wait to read more from her!

cprano ,

The PERFECT way to initiate yourself into the world of Greek Mythology!

Eva Pohler is an amazing author and this set is the PERFECT way to initiate yourself into the world of Greek Mythology!
This is the saga all about Therese and how she met the gods, fell in love with one....then works to become of herself! I LOVE IT!!!
Every page will reveal more and more attention to detail that she has incorporated into the story.
I loved reading each and every book in the set, and found myself starved more more as I got to the end. I believe I read the entire series by reading one book a day!
This is a YA friendly book and I suggest it for ages 12+. Everything is tastefully handled and there is no reason for readers of ALL ages to start today!

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