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She's destined to save the world . . . if she doesn't destroy it first.

Calandra has always done what's expected of her. As the most powerful healer since the Madwoman who sank Atlantis, Calandra has been raised to heal the Heartstone that protects the all-female undine race from the humans they fear and need. One problem—to ensure success, she must use siren magic to mind-bond the one man she swore to free, her childhood friend Osaze. And all the powerful healers go Mad eventually.

A cryptic message reveals a brother she never knew existed, the first male undine in three millennia, who might be the answer to her prayers—but she has no idea where he is. As insanity looms and the Heartstone continues to fail, she uncovers a shocking secret and fears the only way to avert global disaster is to re-bond Osaze. Can she break the bonds of her past in time to save the world, the man she loves . . . and herself?

The Undine's Tear is the first book in the mind-blowing young adult epic historical fantasy series Rise of the Grigori. If you like complex characters, lush world-building, ancient cultures, mermaids, dragons, angels, and demons, join Calandra in a search for redemption that will threaten the very fabric of the universe.

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"I couldn't put this book down!"
- Jessica Renwick, author of The Book of Chaos

"You want to read this book. It's fantastic!"
- Ellen Michelle, editor, owner of Constellate Publishing

"Stunning writing, vivid descriptions, and endearing characters. Puts the epic in fantasy."
- Liz Konkel, Readers' Favorite reviewer

"A colossal tale told by an expert storyteller. Spectacular."
- Ruffina Oserio, Readers' Favorite reviewer

"The action never stopped… a brilliant start to a new series!"
- Rabia Tanveer, Readers' Favorite reviewer

"My favorite book of the past year!"
- Kathy Brown, reader


About the Author:

Talena Winters is addicted to stories, tea, chocolate, yarn, and silver linings. She writes page-turning fiction for teens and adults in multiple genres, coaches other writers, has written several award-winning songs, and designs knitting patterns under her label My Secret Wish. Master of the ironic GIF response. She currently resides on an acreage in the Peace Country of northern Alberta, Canada, with her husband, three surviving boys, two dogs, and an assortment of farm cats. She would love to be a mermaid when she grows up.

Young Adult
May 14
My Secret Wish Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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