The Undine's Tear The Undine's Tear
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Mermaids. Magic. And the mistake that could destroy the world... or cost her everything to save it.

Princess Calandra would do anything to save her people. The powerful healer has been raised to restore the Heartstone that protects their island from humans—before she goes Mad and unleashes unfathomable destruction like the woman who sank Atlantis… and her exiled mother. But tradition demands she first enslave a human male with the siren mind-bond, and her queen aunt has selected the one man she'd risk a death sentence to free.

When Calandra learns her mother actually fled to protect the first undine boy in three millennia, she's certain her missing brother is the solution to her problems. Then she uncovers the horrifying connection between the bonds, the Madness, and her people's past and realizes if she finds him, she could start a revolution—but if she can't, she'll unleash an ancient evil that could tear the world apart.

Unless she surrenders everything… even the man she loves.

And she's running out of time.

The Undine's Tear is the first book in the mind-blowing young adult epic historical fantasy series Rise of the Grigori. Packed with complex characters, lush world-building, gritty action, and impossible odds, this intricately woven tale presents mermaids and dragons like you've never seen them before. Join Calandra in a search for redemption that could threaten the very fabric of the universe.

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"I couldn't put this book down!" - Jessica Renwick, author of The Book of Chaos

"Puts the epic in fantasy." - Readers' Favorite

"A rip-roaring read." - Lorehaven Magazine


"Have you ever been Redeemed?"

Damon's expression became stony. "Redemption is for humans."

"Redemption is for men. To make them safe. It just happens that the only men are human." Thinking of Osaze's dread, Calandra wondered again at the morality of it. Uncrossing her arms, she shifted her gaze from Damon's face to his bronze chest. "And one of them is my friend."

"All humans should be controlled." He drew nearer. "They have not the patience nor discipline to control themselves. And I am not human."

"What are you? I've never seen an undine with golden eyes."

He smiled knowingly. "Not human. But I could be your friend."

"What do you want from me?"

"I want to help you." Damon came near enough to touch her and paused with his arms to the sides in a placating gesture.

She wrapped her arms around herself and glared into the blackness beyond him. "Yeah, well, you can't. Not unless you can tell me how to control powers that could sink an island and heal the Heartstone without going Mad."

"Little lark," he said, "that is exactly what I intend to do."


Equivalent movie rating of 14A for violence, language, and intense themes, including slavery, racism, and death.


Talena Winters writes page-turning heartfelt fantasy, romance, and adventure stories of sacrifice, redemption, and hope against all odds. She's also an editor, copywriter, and award-winning songwriter. She and her husband and a varying number of their three young adult sons reside on an acreage in the Peace Country of northern Alberta, Canada, with their two Husky dogs and two neurotic orange cats. Her writing is fueled by an insatiable passion for stories, dark chocolate, and making the world a better place. And she would really like to know why the tea is always gone.

Young Adult
May 14
My Secret Wish Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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