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A disheartened high school math teacher and a NASA engineer are dragged by mysterious events into a hilarious hunt for the ultimate joke.

Bill is a young high school math teacher, struggling with lack of inspiration. Dave is a journeyman NASA engineer, about to be married, and worried about losing his freedom. They don’t know each other, but both of them are being plagued by mysterious, whacky, reality-shattering events they cannot ignore. While seeking answers, they run into each other and decide to work together to find the source of the bizarre happenings.

When they are hospitalized after blacking out from unknown causes, they are chased by the FBI who suspects they might be involved in a cultist drug ring. After a narrow escape, they follow inexplicably provided clues that lead them to the Giant Sequoias National Park. There, a park ranger disappears in connection with the dangerous effects that now follow them wherever they go, and through a spectacular scene they are presented with a strange inscription that accelerates their search for answers. They encounter many strange characters, and discover one of three mysteriously powerful amulet pieces that seem to be the source of everything that is happening.

Now, Bill, Dave, and a crazy archaeologist are also the targets of cultist zealots who seek to possess and assemble all three pieces of the amulet, and wield the power within them -- and the cultists are willing to kill to get what they want. Bill and Dave must forget the possibility of normal life, evade the FBI, and prevent the cultists from gaining the power they seek.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 16
Dave Squires
Smashwords, Inc.