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2020 Edition New For Apple Books! This book will make you uncomfortable. It will upset the balance of your life. It will kick you in the butt, and it will push your buttons until you finally do something about your problems. This isn’t a self-help book for snowflakes who want to learn how to enchant men with corny gimmicks, text like a teenager, submit to males, or discover the love language of these users and abusers. This is a hard, unflinching, punch to the gut that will break you out of your old typical habits and show you step by step how to reset your life by becoming a confident, take no prisoners, warrior Queen.

Are you basic? You don’t think so at first inspection but when you take a deeper look into your current like you have too many basic traits to count. You think you’re amazing, but where are your results? You think you deserve better, but what are you doing to get there? You think you’re so interesting, but here you are reading these words looking for an answer to your loneliness. Delusion has set in, and it’s time to do something about your lack of success, now, not later. No matter if you’re single, in a relationship, married, or going through a divorce, it’s time to flip that switch and regain power over your life. 

Stop over-thinking, stop giving into your fears, stop being so damn basic in your attempt to get ahead in life. Read this book. Live this book. See the results for yourself…if you have the heart to apply it.

Health, Mind & Body
August 1
Viceroy Publishing
Viceroy Publishing

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Tan Jones ,

Newborn Spartan

Awesome book!!

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