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A rare, insider’s look at the life of Donald Trump from Bill O'Reilly, the bestselling author of the Killing series, based on exclusive interview material and deep research

Readers around the world have been enthralled by journalist and New York Times bestselling author Bill O’Reilly’s Killing series—riveting works of nonfiction that explore the most famous events in history. Now, O’Reilly turns his razor-sharp observations to his most compelling subject thus far—President Donald J. Trump. In this thrilling narrative, O’Reilly blends primary, never-before-released interview material with a history that recounts Trump’s childhood and family and the factors from his life and career that forged the worldview that the president of the United States has taken to the White House.

Not a partisan pro-Trump or anti-Trump book, this is an up-to-the-minute, intimate view of the man and his sphere of influence—of “how Donald Trump’s view of America was formed, and how it has changed since becoming the most powerful person in the world”— from a writer who has known the president for thirty years. This is an unprecedented, gripping account of the life of a sitting president as he makes history.

As the author will tell you, “If you want some insight into the most unlikely political phenomenon of our lifetimes, you’ll get it here.”

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September 24
Henry Holt and Co.

Customer Reviews

Davidwyatt6 ,

I couldn’t put it down

All of O’Reilly’s books are excellent, this is one of his best.

wrdhwk ,


Enjoyed the audiobook per usual with Mr O’Reilly but why on earth would the narrator of a book on Trump fail to learn how to pronounce the NAME OF HIS NEMESIS. I winced every time spoken. He’s neither a mole nor a mule. The E is silent. It’s Robert MULLER. jeez

史威德 ,


I enjoyed his killing series, they were fun quick reads and I always learned something. Not this one. Nothing I hadn’t already read in the news. His interviews with the president were shallow, read like an interview from my high school newspaper or worse. According to O’reily, Trump is perfect and always has a reason for what he does. As an example, the birther attack was done to solidify his base and was a strategically smart move. O’reily opines on the terrible way Trump is treated by the press. Seems to me all presidents are highly scrutinized, comes with the job. Trump just gives the press more fodder than previous presidents.

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