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A storybook for young minds looking for the meaning of Kwanzaa. 

This book contains two stories. The first story is that of young Jahi, sent out to buy a replacement unity cup by his father. It is an important task. Jahi feels very proud of himself for being chosen, out of all his brothers and sisters. As he tries to find the best Kikombe Cha Umoja (unity cup) in the world, little things that he does will demonstrate the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Your child will see that the seven principles do apply to our daily lives, and everything we do will affect not just us, but our family, and our community too. 

The second part is a traditional African folktale, about three friends looking for a place to live. Will they find anyone smart and kind enough to take them in? Learn the real meaning of Kwanzaa in this simple tale that will delight as it teaches the eager young minds in your family. 

Written by Mosiah Nwosa, M.S.Ed. 
Mosiah Nwosa is a second generation African American. In 1914, his grandparents immigrated to America from present day Lesotho, a small nation that was once the heart of the Zulu empire and home to the famed Shaka Zulu. His father worked two jobs in south Detroit to support his family and give Mosiah a chance to attend college, the first in his family to do so. 
After earning a degree in African American Studies from the University of Illinois where he minored in Sociology, Mosiah went on to earn an M.S. in Early Education from Roosevelt University. He met his wife during his studies. They have been married for six years now and have two children together. 
He currently teaches English to elementary grades at a small school near his home in Rockford, Illinois. 

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December 25
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