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John Brockman brings together the world's best-known physicists and science writers—including Brian Greene, Walter Isaacson, Nobel Prize-winner Frank Wilczek, Benoit Mandelbrot, and Martin Rees—to explain the universe in all wondrous splendor.

In The Universe, today's most influential science writers explain the science behind our evolving understanding of the universe and everything in it, including the cutting edge research and discoveries that are shaping our knowledge.

Lee Smolin reveals how math and cosmology are helping us create a theory of the whole universe. Benoit Mandelbrot looks back on a career devoted to fractal geometry. Neil Turok analyzes the fundamental laws of nature, what came before the big bang, and the possibility of a unified theory.

Seth Lloyd investigates the impact of computational revolutions and the informational revolution. Lawrence Krauss provides fresh insight into gravity, dark matter, and the energy of empty space. Brian Greene and Walter Isaacson illuminate the genius who revolutionized modern science: Albert Einstein. And much more.

Explore the universe with some of today's greatest minds: what it is, how it came into being, and what may happen next.

Science & Nature
July 8
Harper Perennial

Customer Reviews

Stop the Rats ,

Book review of The Universe

Collection of essays by top-rated scientists and other leading thinkers. The breath of topics is extensive, but some articles were first published several years ago and developments have already surpassed predictions. This is not a criticism, but rather an indicator that progress seems to be advancing ever faster. The authors are among those at the forefront of the advance. We owe them much for their contribution.

I still grieve when I recall the abandonment of the Supercollider by Congress. Plato's Republic trumps America democracy, but power will have to be taken from the current political class. They flounder in their crude attempts to hold onto personal power. Donald Trump is a modern barbarian, but mainly reminds that a majority of the population are, by definition, below average in intelligence. If America is to survive, we must put as much effort into redeeming our government as theoretical physicists put into their work.

Jaygum ,


Finally! I have a book that is a little mentally challenging. It is great for updating yourself on new theories in physics. As a science book reader, I'm happy this book is deeper than just stars and relativity, and instead gives an even greater picture of our universe and others around ours-from gravitational fluctuations to dimensional energies.😎🔬🔭

Tad Banyon ,

Fascinating, but...

If you’re seriusly into astronomy and physics and all that universe stuff, its a fascinating book. But fair warning: its not the world’s easiest read. You may find yourself having to go back and re-read chapters because the weighty concepts themselves, coupled with the scientific terminology, may not always slide quickly into your mind like a well lubricated suppository. But the effort is worth it. We know an awful lot about the universe now, and there’s an awful lot we still don;t know, and its fascinating to learn the specifics of both.

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