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Award-winning author JB Schroeder brings you the first three full-length books in the Unlikely Series in one low-priced boxed set! When everyday men and women discover that twisted evil lurks right under their noses, confidence is shaken, fear ratchets up, and one must learn to trust love in order to survive… 

UNHINGED: A social worker and wealthy businessman team up, but as the desire between them increases, so do threats from an elusive stalker. When bizarre taunts escalate into terrifying attacks, they must confront their worst fears—or risk losing everything.

UNCOVERED:  A protective marine must protect a gorgeous, hard-headed photojournalist against a dangerous hitman and root out the murderer responsible for his wife’s death—all while guarding his heart.

UNDONE: When she becomes a serial killer's ultimate obsession, a modeling agency owner enlists a hunky bodyguard—but will their tangled past stop them from catching a killer before he strikes again?

JB is known for fast-paced, emotional romantic suspense that focuses on brave new beginnings, hard-won second chances, well-earned redemption, justice perfectly served, and real-life kind of love. With protective, determined heroes, independent women suddenly in danger, plenty of forced proximity, seriously disturbed villains, shocking twists, and deliciously compelling love stories, the Unlikely Series will grab you from the first page and keep you hooked to the last. 


“This series is a winner! It’s the up all night, edge of your seat, just one more chapter kind of romantic suspense you love. With buried secrets, hidden agendas, and cunning villains, Schroeder deftly creates peril that our smart heroine and protective hero can only escape together.” ~Savannah Kade, Maggie Award-winning Author of Dark Falls Romantic Suspense

“Every single time I finish one of [JB’s] books I proclaim it my favorite, AND HER BEST. This author gets better and better with every book. Great characters, twisted plots and edge of your seat drama. Dark, disturbing and delish. Her killers are so creepy, and her hero & heroine so... Such a fast paced rush...I highly recommend diving into a book by this awesome author.” ~Maureen, Bitch Can Write A Book

“I am never disappointed when I pick up a book by JB Schroeder. She builds a suspenseful tale with twists and turns at every corner. Her writing is filled with authentic details that draws the reader right into the story.” ~Stacey Wilk, Romantic Suspense Author

“JB Schroeder isn't afraid to explore the darker side of human nature and there are definitely some spine-tingling, creepy scenes … But that's what make this author's books stand out for me. There's a grittiness … that sucked me in, while the smooth writing and very likable lead characters kept me turning the pages.” ~D.M. Quincy, Bestselling Author

August 1
JB Schroeder, LLC
JB Schroeder, LLC

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