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Misfortune. Bad luck. Heartache.
Devon Thorpe is no stranger to any of them.
After devastating news, Devon’s life becomes a prison of responsibility, heartbreak, and hardship. All her dreams to leave her small town vanish. A prisoner of circumstance.
At her breaking point, Devon has a reckless moment in a diner bathroom with a blue-eyed sexy stranger. A single encounter with him leaves a deep mark on Devon, giving her only a memory of his touch when nights are lonely, and her life becomes too much to take.
Years later a terrifying incident takes her and her family to Albuquerque NM, where she finds work as a sever at a bar to support her mother.
Tattooed, moody, rough, brown-eyed, sexy as hell, Lincoln Kessler, the mysterious owner of the saloon, instantly draws Devon in. She can’t let go of the feeling there is some strange connection between them.

But the more Lincoln tries to push her away, the more determined she is to figure out the enigmatic man. One fiery kiss and Devon realizes she should have stayed away because when their worlds collide and tragedy strikes, she recognizes they are not each other’s savior, but each other’s misfortune.

A tear-jerking, novel about ill-fated love, heartache, loss, and finding your way through the pain.
And a lot of bad luck.

*A NA/Adult Sexy and heartbreaking Contemporary Romance. Deeply emotional with sensitive subject matter of dealing with a crippling mind disease.

April 1
Stacey Marie Brown
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

sissymae68 ,

Loved it

THE UNLUCKY ONES by Stacey Marie Brown is the story of Lincoln Kessler and Devon Thorpe.
Devon from her early teens where her father was killed, to her mother being diagnose with a rare Alzheimer to her sister making bad decisions. To add to the hurt of that time her boyfriend had been cheating on her...so in a weak moment she has a hot encounter with a man in a diner. Then only to see him getting arrested by her Uncle. Now all these years later she is 22 years old with her mother getting worse that they need to move to find a better living arrangement for her. Now Devon is working in a bar where she meets Lincoln who seem to hate her on site. They rub each other wrong but with that rub is some sparks.
Hot dark read.

Evieo17 ,


This book took me by surprised but I really did enjoy it. There were times I wanted to smack the characters and tell them to smarten up but I also sympathized with them. I may not have agreed with their decisions but I understood sometimes you have to make a really hard decision for someone you love.

Airlene Forace ,

Packs a great punch

This author has done amazing job of telling a story of two broken people who find love together. The story was just beautiful. I really just loved it simply.

The characters in this novel were really good. I loved their resilience and strength in facing the obstacles they did in this novel. And boy what they faced, was extremely difficult.

The romance was beautiful. The author did a great job showing the rawness and vulnerability each character had to show in order to fall in love. I loved how this novel showed how falling in love means opening yourself to somebody and showing the bad and good. The chemistry and steam were really good. I like seeing the sizzle between the characters but also the good slow burn.

The themes in the novel were very nicely touched upon. I loved how this novel portrayed mental illness and how bad brain diseases can be. How it breaks people, the grief and the good it can bring is shown beautifully in this novel.

The main criticism I have with the novel is the way the pacing of steamy scenes was done. I felt that there were times in the story that lust took over love. I felt that the chemistry over shadowed the character’s arc and could have been toned down. This was repeated multiple times in the novel, but bear in mind that this is just a personal pet peeve.

Otherwise, I highly recommend you purchase this novel that is full of emotion and beauty.

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