The Unraveling The Unraveling

The Unraveling

A Novel

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Publisher Description

This chilling, sizzling, and addictive thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Vi Keeland follows a New York psychiatrist’s dark descent into dangerous obsession.

This isn’t a love story.

It’s a story about obsession.

After experiencing a terrible loss, New York City psychiatrist Meredith McCall feels painfully adrift. When she crosses paths with a man with whom she has a tragic connection, she follows him, sparking an unhealthy obsession with Gabriel Wright. How is he doing so well while her life is in shambles?

But when Gabriel walks into her office as a patient, seemingly unaware of who she is, she knows it crosses all ethical and moral bounds to treat him. Yet, Meredith can’t bring herself to turn him away and becomes further entangled. With her life and career continuing to unravel, it appears that things could not get any worse…until they do.

Mysteries & Thrillers
July 9
Atria/Emily Bestler Books
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Customer Reviews

Wendy LeGrand ,

The Unraveling is the perfect title for this story!

The mystery/suspense/psychological thriller genre is one of my favorites to read besides romance, so when Vi Keeland announced she was venturing into that world, I was ridiculously excited. What kind of story was she going to be telling in her debut thriller? I couldn't wait to find out!

Vi doesn't keep us waiting long to fall down a rabbit hole, along with our protagonist, Meredith. She's a recent widow who had a thriving practice as a psychiatrist, until one tragic night changed her life forever. Now eighteen months later, she's trying to rebuild her life and her practice, but one chance encounter with Gabriel Wright, the man whose life also changed irrevocably that tragic night, sends her spiraling down a dangerous path.

Unraveling is certainly an appropriate title for this story as it pertains to Meredith, but also other characters too, as we learn by the end of the book. Who might those characters be? You'll have to read to find out.

For someone who was intelligent enough to graduate medical school and become a Psychiatrist, Meredith sure made a slew of very questionable and downright stupid decisions on the daily. The number of times I wanted to grab her by the shoulders and say, "Girl, just no." were innumerable. But people who are suffering the type of tragedy she was, even someone who is trained as a psychiatrist and supposedly know right from wrong and all the correct coping mechanisms, often are the ones who make the biggest mistakes. And boy, Meredith made some doozies!

If you aren't paying close attention, there are lots of hints dropped throughout the story that all culminate in that final, jaw dropping last paragraph. I admit, I had to read it several times to grasp exactly what it was implying, and I am still obsessing over it today to make sure I fully understand the total weight of its implications. My OCD won't let me drop it until I've overanalyzed it to death, no pun intended!

When you get ready to start reading, be prepared to strap in tight and hold on for the ride. Vi delivers a truly twisted tale that I just could not put down. Her first foray into writing a thriller was an absolute success and I sincerely hope she continues to bring us more twisted stories!

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