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Far out on the Eastern Fringe, the realm of Ultramar stands alone. Having weathered the Word Bearers’ attack on Calth and the subsequent Shadow Crusade against the Five Hundred Worlds, the Ultramarines primarch Roboute Guilliman now draws all loyalist forces to Macragge as he contemplates a new future for mankind. With the arrival of more and more fugitives from the war that has engulfed the rest of the galaxy, all distinction between friend and foe is lost – isolated from Terra by fearsome warp storms, is Guilliman making a bid for power to rival even the renegade Warmaster Horus?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 4
The Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

6Socal1Stud9 ,

Great read!

Its always a good sign when you can laugh out loud to a book. Curze- hilarious and ripped this book away from the loyalist hands. But the interactions of the various chapters was on its own great. Well written and captivating.

Army Husband ,


I'll get the clichés out-of-the-way: could not put it down, amazing story incredible imagery baba blah.
This book is amazing to me because of how much it brought together. The individual trials and stories that are happening all through the Horus Heresy storyline, simultaneously and you don't feel like you're getting anywhere, even going back into the past, in some instances.
It feels like a crossroads, I don't know where it's going but I can't wait to go on that trip.

BostonDaemon ,

Absolutely phenomenal

Once again Abnett strikes gold! The complexity of interwoven plots is astounding. Pulling the "human" threads from a group of Demi-gods is art, and also where Abnett excels.
Being a true Warhammer addict for over 20 years, I appreciate all of the little gems and clever references that make me remember.
Thank you for your art Mr. Abnett


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