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The Untamed: A Sinner's Prayer is set in the dark fantasy world of Asunda. Asunda was created by Stranger Comics founder and president Sebastian A. Jones over a 20 year period. A true labor of love, Asunda is unlike any other fantasy setting in existence. Developed in coordination with Stranger’s art director, anthropologist Darrell May, Asunda features an honest and oftentimes beautifully violent and savage approach to the medieval sword and sorcery genre, one where the world is exactly that... an entire world, filled with a variety of races which have evolved to suit their environment, not a decades old preconception of what elves and dwarves should be or how they should appear. If you like your fantasy with a touch of Sergio Leone, The Untamed is for you. If you think Clint Eastwood, Toshiro Mifune, or Richard Roundtree would have made bad ass elves, The Untamed is for you. If you want to see a wicked man return from the dead to choose between revenge and redemption... then The Untamed is definitely for you. 

Seven Days for Seven Souls (Day 1 of 7) 

“I was given a second chance in death.

Vengeance was offered and I was quick to accept.”

A man with no name has returned to the brutal town of Oasis.  Ten years it has been since the Stranger ran this town with malice and harshness. Even then, there was hope for his soul. His wife and daughter were on the verge of turning him from wickedness. But they were murdered, and so was he. Now he has returned, hell-bent on killing.

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December 6
Stranger Comics, LLC
Stranger Comics LLC

Customer Reviews

Questier ,

Praying for more

I love this story and the art is amazing.

Barry Andrews ,

Stunning, five stars!

I have the first beautiful issue in print so I knew it rocks but it looks even better on my tablet. And Free! Just got the full GN too. Great stuff!

Beetle mama ,

Hauntingly good

The story leaves you wanting to know more. Great writing.

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