The Unwanted Dukes Collection: Volume One

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    • $9.99

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Now available in one collection, the first three full-length novels in the steamy, heart-stopping historical romance series, The Unwanted Dukes. 


Included in this collection:


The Duke and the Wallflower

Shunned by a society that puts attractiveness above all else, Lady Eliza Darby’s wallflower status keeps her from getting the one thing she wants most, namely, to be a mother. But when her scorned older sister returns home to see all of her sisters wed in happy matches, it may be Eliza’s only chance to secure a husband and have the children she so desires. 


Jilted in a publicly humiliating display, Dax Kane, the Duke of Ashbourne, has sworn off love forever and has no wish to wed. But when the title demands it, he selects the most perfect candidate for the position: Lady Eliza Darby, a wallflower so unattractive he won’t be in danger of falling in love with her. But the Jilted Duke will soon discover looks have nothing to do with love.


The Duke and the Lady

Lady Louisa Darby blames herself for her mother’s death when the Darby sisters were still so young and has dedicated her life to ensuring her sisters’ happiness. So when she’s lured into a compromising situation that will endanger her youngest sister’s chance at a happy marriage, Louisa will do whatever is necessary to protect her family’s reputation and save her sister’s chance at the future she deserves.


Even if it means marrying the Beastly Duke.


Sebastian Fielding, the Duke of Waverly, has spent years cultivating his reputation as the Beastly Duke to ensure he’ll never make the mistake of falling in love and repeating his father’s fatal mistake. But when honor calls on him to marry Lady Louisa Darby, his best intentions may not be good enough.


For not even a beast can withstand the charms of the belle of the ball.


The Duke and the Siren

Lady Vivianna Darby was considered a smashing success by society’s standards. After all, she landed Ryder Maxen, the coveted Duke of Margate, in her first season out. Wildly in love, Viv believed herself lucky to have escaped the cold marriages common amongst the ton.


Until she found her husband in bed with an opera singer.


Now four years later, Viv is determined to save her sisters from the same fate until Viv’s phaeton-racing husband suffers a deadly accident, and she’s forced by duty to go to his deathbed.


Preparing herself for widowhood, she realizes she’ll soon be free of the empty marriage she’s been trapped in. 


But what will she do if he lives?


If you love sexy, spellbinding romance and heartwarming humor, don’t miss this captivating series from bestselling author Jessie Clever. Discover adventure and romance when you download The Unwanted Dukes Collection: Volume One today.

December 9
Someday Lady Publishing LLC
Someday Lady Publishing LLC

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