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Do vampires go to heaven?

I'm Tara Lee. I'm a good Christian girl, serving the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength, but that becomes difficult when an actual vampire attacks me in church.

Though I survive the attack thanks to help from a mysterious yet handsome vampire spy, my life will never be the same. Now I'm a half-vampire, which means I have super strength and a strong craving for human blood. It also puts the ultimate fate of my soul into question, because I'm pretty sure the Bible doesn't say if half-vampires go to heaven or not.

Even all of that would be manageable, though, if the most powerful Vampire Lord alive wasn't hunting me down. Now I need to master my new vampire powers while avoiding his minions, but that's easier said than done when I barely understand my abilities.

But I must master my powers, otherwise I'll lose my freedom—and my soul—forever.

Fiction & Literature
May 1
Annulus Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Casey kitty cat ,

The Vampire Sword

I liked the characters and the crazy religious stuff too..i just don’t think the other books should cost 3-4$ maybe a dollar but whatever... i think mediocrity at its finest is what the vampire sword is all about its not bad its not good...

hfdchi ,

My thoughts

This book has some good ideas. Disappointed though because the way it was written was hard to read. The author kept stating the obvious and treating the reader like she/he had to spell everything out for us. I couldn’t finish.

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