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She’s fated to break his curse. He’s destined to kill her.


With his clan trapped and starving, vampire Andrei Vladimir will stop at nothing to save them. But an ancient curse compels him to waste precious time hunting the vile creatures he creates every time he feeds. With the clock ticking, he weaves a trap to lure the fated female who can save them all.


Sonia Covaci doesn’t believe her grandmother’s visions of the future. But when a purchased trinket brings dreams of a mysterious stranger, her small town American life threatens to spin out of control. Sensing he is in danger, she does the unthinkable and boards a plane for Romania.

Sonia follows her fate. Andrei moves in for the sacrifice. Never did he imagine the female destined to break the curse would become the woman he couldn’t afford to lose.

March 27
Valerie Twombly
Valerie Twombly

Customer Reviews

Kristie Koste ,

Awakens and enchants the imagination...

Passion Awakened: Beyond the Mist
By: Valerie Twombly

4.25 Star Review by Kristie K

Valerie Twombly awakens and enchants the imagination in this seductive and sinful tale...

The debut in a brand new series from the incredible Ms. Twombly, Passion Awakened is a sexy and bewitching story of magic, true love, and fate. I'm a sucker for a vampire (no pun intended), especially one as drool-worthy as Andrei. Most people think of vampires as evil creatures, but Andrei is far from evil. Driven, stubborn, and dangerous, yes...but never evil. The man is sex on legs, and his beautiful soul only makes him more desirable. Sonia is a small town girl, with a big heart and an uncertain belief in the divine and mystical stories that surround her family history. When her dreams are infiltrated by a gorgeous man, and become increasingly more real, Sonia must question whether the stories are more fact than fable. I love taking a journey to fantastical realms with otherworldly beings, and this book fits that bill. A relatively short story, Passion Awakened delivers yet another new take on the legend of vampires, giving the story a refreshing twist. The characters are sexy, strong, determined, and honorable. The plot and storyline are unique, thorough, and well executed. Ms. Twombly is a passionate writer, talented, and incredibly gifted. I have enjoyed many of her books, and plan to enjoy this series as well.

Kristie K

Valkia12 ,

fate versus curse, love trumps all

Andrei has been wandering for many years, trying to stay ahead of the hunters. He cannot go home nor stay in one place. He finds Sonia. Danger follows them as they find their way into each other's heart. Ultimate sacrifices are made, and bonds are strengthened as Sonia realizes what it means to give her all. Sonia was a strong woman, willing to give everything for the man she has a special bond with. Andrei had me turning the pages to see what would happen next. I found it interesting that Andrei had more than one form. I recommend this story.

I received a copy of this story, and this is my unsolicited review.

Nicbooks ,


I really enjoyed this story. I found Andrei to be an honorable vampire, spending so many years trying to find a way to break his curse. Andrei's situation leaves the reader feeling his heartbreak. The additional cast of characters really rounded out the story. I loved Nana and Korinna's additons to the tale. Once I started reading, it was hard to walk away. Fans of classic vampire tales will appreciate the blend of the old-style tale mixed with twists added to the story to make it unique.
I reviewed a copy provided by the author; the opinions are my own.

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