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THE VARIANT SQUAD barely had time to get back on its feet before the screaming started. Someone was getting skinned alive, and they knew it. But many of their comrades have just fallen to their deaths, and others are still missing, so Captain Beachboy knows that answering the cry for help would be suicide.
Skin Eater packs are still hunting on the levels above and below them, and it’s only a matter of time before their ugly craving returns and they attack again.
And that’s not the end of it.
A murderous Kill Squad sent by an unknown enemy must have followed them underground. It has the Lazarus team’s innocent blood on its hands, and Beachboy suspects the unknown assassins are committed to spilling 9-Squad’s too.
And the old myths about the basement are proving true. Something with an appetite for pain is haunting the bunker complex and feeds its hunger through the Biter packs.
It has also poisoned the place with the Varion molecule that causes the lethal new form of the Variant Effect, forcing the squad to remain sealed in their bag-suits.
And they’re running out of air.
Variant Squad veteran Joe Borland knows that there are forces within the squad that might not want to win the battle underground, and would prefer leaving his bagged-comrades buried with the incriminating evidence they have found.
So he’ll have to pick a side when his life’s on the line.
In the meantime he and Beachboy take the squad survivors on a desperate search for a rumored escape tunnel while dark forces gather on all sides, and a secret clock winds down to doomsday and the final Variant Squad protocol of Ziploc, Gas and BURN!
Explore the MADHOUSE to the END with BURN, third stage in the final chapters of The Variant Effect Series.

Fiction & Literature
November 7
G. Wells Taylor
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