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Lured by Venice's colorful history and its labyrinth of walkways, canals, and bridges, Barry wanted to be more than just a tourist. He convinced his wife Debbie to join him in his Venice experiment, a one-year cultural immersion.

Through their initiation into Venetian society, Debbie and Barry discovered the close-knit family of its inhabitants and the oddities of living in Venice, the improbable city built upon millions of tree trunks driven into the mud sixteen centuries ago.  From the exasperating bureaucracy to high tides endangering their ground-floor apartment, these expatriates get far more than they bargained for.


The quintessential storyteller, Barry Frangipane draws us into the inner life of Venice.  With his inexhaustible humor, he takes the reader on his journey abroad, a journey filled with a cast of remarkable characters who will touch your heart.

Travel & Adventure
July 13
Savory Adventures Publishing
Savory Adventures, LLC

Customer Reviews

Blynnh ,

Greatly enjoyed

I greatly enjoyed this book. Normally I do not read anything other than romance novels...but I am looking for the courage to make big life changes in regarding to moving. I have been to Venice, and it too has captured my heart, and I hope to one day stay there for a longer period of time. This book was good because it offered an Americans view as at attempting to become a local in a foreign country. I also liked the stories and the authors humor, it made the book easy and enjoyable to read.

Queen Vixn ,

Superbly written!

This gem is a joy to read. Informative, yet entertaining. The banter between Barry and Debbie is a hoot...a must read.