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The new beginning and fifth volume of the addictive romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy / JJ Knight

Mia never thought she’d kill a man.

She’s been trained in ways she couldn’t have imagined back in her sheltered small-town days. Threat analysis. Interrogation. How to incapacitate someone double her size.

And how to finish a job, however it must end.

Her lover Jax, who was in line to take over the Vigilante network, seems to care more about his marriage proposal than their exciting life ahead. She makes him a promise: just one mission, and she’ll come back and answer his burning question.

But she had no idea the job would be like this. Someone doesn’t want her to be a Vigilante, and even Jax and his powerful network can’t seem to protect her.

She may not be coming back at all.

—Standalone book. 250 print pages.

—Fans of the Vigilante’s Lover will squeal to finally read about Mia’s first mission. All your favorite characters return as Mia ties to prove her worth as a newly trained Vigilante spy.

March 25
Casey Shay Press
Casey Shay Press, LLC

Customer Reviews

DonnaHok ,

Becoming a vigilante

Mia has been training to become one a Vigilante. One of the first specials to do this and just about to go on her first real qualifying mission. But for some reason things keep going wrong on her test runs of blowing up a safe. And on the mission things don’t fare so well for her. She’s trying to do this on her own and not let Jax’s interfere. But something is off with how the safe blew and then another thing happens and it’s looking like someone is out to kill Mia. But it might not just be her they are after. This has so much suspense and action that it will keep your interest right till the end. And then you still want more. Awesome and well written self-contained story.

ButtonsMom2003 ,

More “fun” for Mia and Jax!

This is a great addition to the Vigilante’s series and there is not really a cliffhanger this time – yay! The main story is resolved but there is still some mystery left and I definitely want to read more of Mia and Jax’s adventures.

Mia’s qualifying mission to become a full-fledged vigilante goes horribly wrong and then other things start to go wrong. Who is after Mia?

This book pretty much kept me on the edge of my seat while I was reading it and I enjoyed it a lot. I love how this book follows the same format as the original series with one chapter being told by Mia and the next one by Jax.

My only real criticism would be that the story seemed to wrap up a bit too neatly. I know that more books are planned in this series – and I can’t wait to read them – so I suspect that maybe everything wasn’t quite as tidied up as it seemed.

I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

jlswainsboro ,


Annie Winters and Tony West have teamed up to dazzle us yet again with The Vigilante's Awakening, the riveting fifth release in The Vigilantes Series and they totally knocked it out of the park! Winters and West are both extremely gifted individuals, each with their own unique skill set, but put them together and they become a remarkable dynamic duo whose talents complement each other brilliantly. I adore reading any book that combines romance with suspense but add a super secret spy organization, a sexy, suave, tough-as-nails agent, his beautiful, intelligent, almost fiancee, then throw in a liberal measure of thrills, chills, action, adventure, plus a wonderful cast of characters, and I'm in heaven! Oh, and did I mention the heated attraction, fiery passion and steamy, dreamy sex! No? Well, it's all definitely included! The series to be exciting, thrilling, imaginative, fast paced, action packed, romantic and exceptionally well crafted. The narrative is beautifully written in the first person with alternating his and her points of view. The dialogue is smart, seductive, well executed and flows effortlessly. But as much as I love the premise and plot for this series, it's the remarkable cast of characters that captured my heart. They're captivating, intriguing, engaging, realistic, well developed, sexy and occasionally, quite funny. I loved the interaction between the two protagonists, Jax De Luca and Mia Morrow. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts hot and play off each other brilliantly! Winters and West skillfully combine their talents to craft a masterpiece of romantic suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat, glued to the pages with your heart pounding and gasping for your next breath. I was immediately drawn into this story, completely immersed, glued to the pages, happily lost in a wonderful new adventure with hours passing as minutes and completely unaware of the passage of time. If you love books filled to the brim with heart-stopping danger, heart-pounding adventure, spine-tingling suspense, nail-biting intrigue and steamy dreamy romance, then this is definitely the series for you!
It's been a year since the lives of Jax De Luca and Mia Morrow collided and they joined forces to flush out his betrayers. Together, they have successfully maneuvered the treacherous minefields of the syndicate, identified and defeated the turncoats out to seize control of the Vigilante organization, accomplished the impossible and cleared his name. Jax is now the acting head of the syndicate with he and Mia both working out of the Washington Vigilante headquarters, the largest and busiest Silo in the world. And yes, I said both. Mia is now an aspiring Phase One Vigilante operative-in-training and no longer just a Special, an individual with a protected secret status not tracked by the Vigilantes. The twenty one year old Mia can now afford anything in the world except the one thing she wants the most - to help the network, to be useful and utilize the skills she has developed through hard work and training - to be a Vigilante like her Mother and Father before their deaths. Oh yes, in the past year Mia has learned a great deal about herself, her family and the secret Vigilante organization which still must remain invisible, their existence never revealed to anyone including the public, the police and the government. Not only were both her parents operatives, but Mia is actually the last surviving family of Prescott Adams, Agent 001, the original Vigilante first appointed by President Eisenhower to establish the Vigilante Network. Wow! And now, there is nothing she desires more than to become a Vigilante agent - and unfortunately that even supercedes her desire to marry her lover, Jax De Luca. Mia has worked hard in her training and is so close to accomplishing her goal. Jax has proposed but she has yet to accept his ring and proposal. She desperately wants to prove that she can follow in her parents' footsteps, and she wants to do it all on her own, as Mia Morrow, not as Jax De Luca's girlfriend or wife. And her efforts have finally paid off. She has been given her first qualifying mission which will determine her future in the organization. If she succeeds, she will have earned her coveted position as a Phase One Operative. Unfortunately, not everyone wants Mia to succeed. As a matter of fact, not only is someone determined for her to fail, they also want her dead. Oh my! With old enemies still at large and new enemies at every turn, will Jax be able to protect Mia??? Or will Mia be forced to survive on her wits and skill alone? We'll see! If I had to summarize the entire premise and plot of this series in one sentence, I would simply say, it's a combination of James Bond meets Jason Bourne meets Ethan Hunt meets Jack Reacher teamed up with Nikita meets Emma Peel meets Evelyn Salt meets Annie Walker! Yup, it's that good!!! Bloody Brilliant! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!

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