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The Virgin Bride Erotic 3-Pack by Joan Russell, 12,780 Words. Adult + Thea Winsted saw her husband for the first time on her wedding night. Married to the third richest man in England, the girl who had shunned all suitors until her father passed her off as chattel she was not expecting this gorgeous man with taste in sex she had never known existed. The Morning After introduced her to the ways he liked to be pleasured. And Three For Afternoon Tea introduced her to his best friend and expanded her knowledge of pleasure and pleasuring Contents: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Chaining, Pinning, Whipping, Gagging, Hooding, The Knotted Silk Rope, Spanking, Double Penetration and much, much more. All the characters in this story are over 18. Adult+


“Thea, may I introduce Rolf Depoe. Rolf, my bride Theodosia Upjohn,” James made the formal introductions.

Rolf tensed his body, reached forward, grasped my hand, bent forward and pressed my knuckles to his lips, “It is a pleasure, Mrs. Upjohn.”

James pulled back my chair and seated me. Once I was in place the two gentlemen seated themselves.

The next hour was passed in pleasant conversation as the footmen served watercress sandwiches on buttered bread with the crusts removed, hot buns and assorted fruit tarts. The fare was set of by a mild oolong tea which I poured from a silver pot adding hot water as the steeping made the tea stronger and stronger. As we ate, the two old friends plied me with stories about my husband’s adventures that described his rise to wealth from humble beginnings as a cabin boy on a three masted schooner. It had been his knowledge of the shipping business – derived from a Captain who had developed a great affection for the inquisitive boy – coupled with his fortunate marriage to the wealthy Widow Blessington, which had given him the resources from which to grow his fortune.

“I was very lucky,” he said – as he had said before.

I listened, laughed, enjoyed the conversation and waited for what would come next. The symbolism of the jeweled collar had not been lost on me. The presence of a friend was the question. Had he been invited to spend a pleasant afternoon sipping tea or to participate in an afternoon in who knew what ways? That last thought sent chills down my spine. On rare occasions the gossiping women at home had spoken of such things. I had discounted what they said as a mistake, something I hadn’t understood properly. Now I wasn’t quite so certain.

At last James and Rolf stood. James came to my chair and pulled it back. Once again he clipped the leash onto the collar but offered me his arm. The three of us began to walk together. James didn’t present an explanation, but led me up the stairs toward his bedroom.

“James, I….”

“You are not to question,” he said. “The collar releases you of all inhibition and responsibility. You are in my complete control.”

Fiction & Literature
January 25
Joan Russell
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mistj4u ,

Awful. This supposedly explores the pleasure of pain, but goes into something beyond not Hot!

There us nothing the least but erotic about forced unfeeling sex as a virgin. Cuddling afterward does not make it better. Ugghh I just felt dirty, violated and in need of vengeance for this chick. Even the descriptions of her orgasm sounded painful or uncomfortable at best. The bed was likely flooded with blood and fence lal matter.

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