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There’s nothing distinct about the brick building that houses The Clifford Charity School for Wayward Girls, which perfectly suits the purposes of its extraordinary residents—bold young ladies who expose London’s most corrupt aristocrats—and find their true loves along the way . . .
The only thing Georgiana Harley despises more than chaos is bad behavior. So when the Duchess of Kenilworth pleads for help to escape her witty, charming, handsome, heartless monster of a husband, she’s come to the right place. Calm and logical, with nerves of steel, Georgiana is uniquely qualified to safely disappear the duchess, along with her young son. Her greatest challenge is Her Grace’s brother, Lord Haslemere. An arrogant scoundrel, he keeps interfering with Georgiana’s methodical plans. If only he would get out of her way—yet once he reveals a heart as sweet as his lips, she isn’t so sure she wants him to. Can she allow herself to fall for a man with an angel’s face—and a devil’s reputation . . .?
Benedict Harcourt, the Earl of Haslemere isn’t about to trust his precious sister and beloved nephew to some delicate chit who looks as if a stiff wind could send her sprawling—no matter how brilliant Georgiana is. Or beautiful. Or brave. Or lovable. Or irresistible. But does even he have the courage to fall for a young woman with the starry eyes of an innocent—and the unstoppable fierceness of a lioness? Only time, and taking a risk, will tell . . .

June 1
Lyrical Press
Kensington Publishing Corp.

Customer Reviews

Bun Brrabbid Lop ,

Swooning Virgin Society~~The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Haslemere

Really liked the plot & characters.
Kept my interest throughout the story. There was mystery, suspense, and romance.
4 Stars because this era should not have such erotic descriptions in the romantic scenes.
Anna Bradley is new author to me.
I am curious to see how the rest of this series unfolds.

SucessQueen ,

The Virgin Who Humbled Lord Hasselmere

This book has so many twists and turns that I couldn't put it down till I was done. I love the Duke and his lady love. I enjoyed reading This book and is worth your time to read....Enjoy your adventure....April H Jacksonville FL

Peg1951 ,


Who is Clara Beauchamp, where is she, and what is her connection to the Duchess of Kenilworth? That is the mystery Georgiana Harley is tasked by Lady Clifford to solve. She has just begun her investigation when Benedict Harcourt, Earl of Haslemere, and brother to the Duchess demands to know what is going on. Actually, he pesters her until she tells him. Then they off on an action-packed adventure to solve the mystery. Together, they unravel clues that include dangerous secrets, a duel, and mounds of Society gossip. When the ah-ha moment comes, and all is revealed, the danger isn’t quite over. There is still a villain to deal with.

Haslemere and Georgiana are great fun to watch. Haslemere appears on the surface to be a typical Society rogue, but inside, he has a good heart and is obsessively protective of his sister and nephew. Georgiana is intelligent, with sharp tongue and wit. The banter between them is smart and snarky. The attraction is undeniable and the chemistry hot. When the mystery is solved, the danger is past, and everyone is safe, Benedict and Georgina will have the chance to talk about their happily ever after. This is a great story with a mystery, adventure, romance, and fantastic characters. An entertaining addition to a wonderful series.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. My review is voluntary.

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