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Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Alison Weir, The Virgin’s War is award-winning author Laura Andersen’s gripping conclusion in the trilogy about the next generation of Tudor royals, bringing to life the drama and intrigue of Queen Elizabeth I; her daughter, Anabel, the Princess of Wales; and two countries locked in a battle for the ages.
As the Spanish Armada approaches Irish shores, Elizabeth I feels the full burden of her royal office. She must not let England fall to her former husband, King Philip of Spain. And Princess Anabel, their daughter, has yet to declare with whom her allegiance—and her support—lie.
Exiled Stephen Courtenay is in France with his brother, Kit, who has his own reasons for avoiding England. But rumblings of war, a sinister plot, and their loyalty to the crown call them home. Yet not even Pippa Courtenay, their sister, gifted with divine sight, can foresee the grave danger that awaits them all. As Queen Elizabeth commits her riches, her honor, and her people to the approaching conflict, she will risk everything—even her life—to preserve England’s freedom.

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Praise for The Virgin's War 

“If you can’t manage without HBO’s Game of Thrones . . . this Shakespearean-era fantasy may be your cup of tea. . . .  This volume imagines that Queen Elizabeth, known as ‘The Virgin Queen’ actually wasn’t one—but married King Philip of Spain. When the couple becomes estranged, their daughter Princess Annabel must choose her alliance. It’s a quandary that makes the clash between the Starks and the Lannisters look tame.”New York Post
“Not only has Andersen created a believable world, but characters readers have taken to heart. There is intrigue, passion, family drama, loyalty, sadness and great joy within these pages. As the novel moves quickly and intelligently to its climax, [Laura] Andersen fans will rejoice!”RT Book Reviews

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July 12
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Customer Reviews

CelticQuakerWitch ,

Pleasure to read

One of the best alternate history stories. It took me three days but I read all six back to back. There is enough true history, along with names and characters anyone familiar with Tudor history will recognize, that helps the storyline remain plausible. Are there times when you say to yourself..ok, yeah ..as if! But remember this is a book of fiction, an excellent one.
Having read the Boleyn trilogy, as well as this Trilogy, I have to say this book is my favorite of all six. The characters are well developed throughout all the books, it's a joy to be able to follow many characters through so many years. I'd myself laughing out loud, getting angry at characters, hoping for death or the tower on some, and with this last installment..shedding tears for the loss of a character.
A lot of the times when we were shown what Queen Elizabeth was thinking were comical, they humanize her. The relationship between she and Minuette was touching. It made you hope that the Queen did have a female friend that she was able to be so real with.
So in the end you have war, treachery, heartbreak, love, very well written fight scenes, comedy, hope, disappointment ..basically all the things that was life then, and now.
I hope to see much more from Ms. Anderson.

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