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A motorcycle adventure in Panama from sea level to over 11,000 feet.  I ride a Kawasaki KLR650 from the bottom of Panama to the top.  From 95 degrees at the beach to 33 at the top of Volcán Barú.  It was difficult, it was miserable.  It was everything an adventure is supposed to be.

The Volcán Barú Adventure is filled with photos of the ride, and over 70 minutes of video of my ride to the roof of Panama.

Travel & Adventure
January 4
Ryan Grassley

Customer Reviews


I love watching others work hard!

If you are into adventure riding, this is the book for you. Its not too long and Ryan is a great story teller. Ryan Grassley is truely hardcore.

KnowledgeDemadsPayment ,

Bawls over Brains

Often you find that some one with the fortitude to complete an adventure of this caliber can barley put words together to form sentences but not Ryan. The book was well thought out and easy to follow. I likes "yes I said likes" the back stories about the beach, other locations and characters; although it had little to do with the current story it was nice to have a bit of insight to past events. "hope to see some more stories about those". At first I thought I would get sick of fourteen minuets of motorcycles falling on the ground while riders cussed the bad conditions but I found myself wanting more especial when I saw the turn signal bouncing around like the head of an infant just teetering on the verge of catastrophe. Someday I will have an adventure of my own that compares until then I will keep waiting for more books. When the choice presents itself chose bawls over brains.

Golfing_Fool ,

Excellent book...very worth the read if you like adventure

Panama...beautiful beaches, tropical breezes and cool drinks... Not the way Ryan does it. He rides to the top of a Volcano on a KLR 650 and he ...... Read the book , I don't wan to ruin it for you !