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Marry new technology to old-fashioned policing and youíve got something special.

The car is found just outside Picketsville, Virginia, a smoking ruin of twisted metal and shattered glass. It takes only a glance to confirm that this is Ike Schwartzís car. Ever since he left the CIA, the incorruptible Picketsville sheriff has made enemies at home and abroad. Now, one has caught up with him, with a bomb powerful enough to turn quiet Main Street into a smoking crater. Is this a cop killingóor domestic terrorism?

The town plunges into mourning, and Ikeís wife Ruth, the president of the local college, puts on a brave face as the sheriffís department organizes a manhunt, the likes of which Picketsville has never seen. Back at the CIA, Ikeís old colleague Charlie Garland joins the hunt, becoming fixated on a blurry videotape of the crime scene. Charlieís elastic job description includes monitoring Ikeís life.

Investigationsóled by more than one playerófan around and out of Picketsville as far as a small town in Idaho where Martin Pangborn, head of the radical militia called the Fifty-First Star, runs his organization. If some banks and businesses are too big to fail, are some people too deeply connected or too wealthy to bring to justice? Is Martin Pangborn such a person?

The Fifty-First Starís tentacles run long and deep. But the Vulture is something no one, not even Martin Pangborn, is prepared for. 

ìSurefooted prose speeds this well-told tale of greed and betrayal among the nationís covert elite." ñ Publishers Weekly on the 9th Ike Schwartz mystery, Drowning Barbie.

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December 1
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Sourcebooks, Inc.

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