The Wall Street to Broadway Series The Wall Street to Broadway Series

The Wall Street to Broadway Series

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Businessmen and women tend to see the world in black and white. Now meet the theater performers who add a vibrant splash of color to their lives.  

In turn, those practical executive types provide a sense of love and stability, not to mention steamy passion, to their starry-eyed, artistic lovers.

The Wall Street to Broadway series features five full-length, interconnected yet standalone novels featuring humor and heartbreak, steamy sex, and triumph over adversity.

The Opening Act, LOSING HIS SHIRT, tells the story of how billionaire playboy Johnny Creel suddenly loses his fortune...and his heart.  He was an arrogant boss who treated his secretary, Rosemary, like his personal slave. His money gone, he falls in love with Rosemary after discovering she's a kindhearted woman who sings like an angel. How can Johnny convince her he's not the arrogant, pathetic jerk she used to know...and despise?

In the Second Act, LOSING HIS COOL, we meet Johnny's best friend, David, as he makes the move to New York City to start his own fashion design business. There, he meets theater actress Susannah, who is artistic, dramatic, and passionate. A whirlwind romance with this sultry dancer throws David's orderly world upside down. Can he learn how to give her the love and devotion she deserves, or will his stoic demeanor drive her away forever?

In the next act, LOSING HER INHIBITIONS, we meet senior executive Elyse Pippin, and Luke Rannells, head of maintenance and wannabe Broadway star. Luke sets his sights on the icy businesswoman after making a childish bet with his coworkers that he can bed her. Luke is stunned to find Elyse is sensual, warm, and funny; nothing like the woman she pretends to be at work. Elyse is equally enchanted by Luke, finding he's much more than a just a hot guy in dirty work clothes.  Elyse keeps her personal and professional lives strictly separate. She and Luke must keep their scorching-hot love affair a secret at work or her entire career could be at risk.

The next act, LOSING HER FEAR, is a modern-day fairytale.  Crista, a member of the cleaning crew in a Manhattan high-rise, harbors secret dreams of being a singer on Broadway. However, a lifetime of poverty has taught her how dangerous it is to dream. When powerful and sexy executive Keith Foster hears her singing one day, he falls for her like something out of a fairytale. In the past, she'd made the mistake of trusting a man who seemed too good to be true. It ended in devastation and heartbreak, and she's not about to let that happen again. Can Crista open her heart and allow herself to trust Keith's love, or will she push his patience to the limit?

The Final Act, FINDING THEIR FOREVER, features yet another unlikely match. Roman, the head electrician at a Broadway theater, has been obsessed with movie star Therese Andrews since they were both teenagers. He never dreamed he'd actually get to meet her, let alone work alongside her in a Broadway show. When she joins the cast, Roman is so nervous around her he can barely speak. Once he gets to know her, the unexpected happens. He falls in love. Therese is fully aware of Roman's obsession with her. Will she ever see him as anything more than just another fanboy?

Get the Wall Street to Broadway Series today, and let the show begin.

May 20
Linda Fausnet
Draft2Digital, LLC

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