The War for America's Soul The War for America's Soul

The War for America's Soul

Donald Trump, the Left's Assault on America, and How We Take Back Our Country

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“Take it from someone who has been on the inside, who understands the fight we are currently in, and who knows what must be done to save our country. Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s latest book, The War for America’s Soul, leverages the former White House strategist’s expertise, driven by his determination to preserve what made America great in the first place.” — MARK LEVIN

Our country is at war with itself.

On one side are American patriots, dedicated to freedom under the Constitution; on the other side are leftists campaigning not just to win elections, but to radically transform the nation. In this political war for the soul of our country, America’s patriots need a strategist with a blueprint for victory.

Luckily, we have such a man in Dr. Sebastian Gorka—a former strategist for President Trump and now a nationally syndicated radio host and a fearless culture warrior.

In his essential new book, The War for America’s Soul, Dr. Gorka shows how America’s elite—in both parties—betrayed our heartland, sabotaged the American dream, and accepted national decline as inevitable. It took a candidate with remarkable vision, dauntless courage, and unbreakable determination to change the narrative. That man was Donald Trump. A candidate who owed no favors to special interests, Trump articulated a new American nationalism that has been an extraordinary force for economic and political renewal.

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October 8
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Customer Reviews

CaliGal62 ,


Time for the Great Awakening. The future of the USA is in jeopardy and too many people are brainwashed by MSM and bad actors.

RonStark ,

Gorka is spectacular

Conservative intellectuals are few and far between. We lost William F. Buckley and is constant journalistic writings. Now, Dr. G okra has picked up Buckley’s pen and begun defending out Republic in a whole new way. My people fought and escaped communism in Hungary. We suffered many losses. We know what freedom is because we had to fight like hell to see the Statue of Liberty with our own eyes. Please read this book. The United States is at stake. And, it’s sure dang well worth fighting for. Gorka explains it.

bellabela ,

The War for America’s Soul

The provocation we need in order to regain our common sense and means to reestablish the foundation of our great country.
Gorka’s insider perspective on the going ons within the historic impact of President Trump’s administration is invaluable in our attempt to comprehend a sane approach to making the USA the shield against socialism and anti-Americanism. This is a must read for every fair minded citizen who cares about this country, and the beacon that we are to oppressed nations in the world.

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