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"…the most important book you've never read: The War of Art." -- Seth Godin

The Art of War meets The Artist's Way in this profoundly inspiring, no-nonsense guide to overcoming creative blocks of every kind. Bestselling author Steven Pressfield shows readers how to identify, defeat, and unlock the inner barriers to creativity.

"Amazingly cogent and smart on the psychology of creation." -- Jay McInerney

Health, Mind & Body
April 27
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Customer Reviews

GJ Mina ,

Concise and to the point.

That is one book to get you going when you need that little push. Thanks for being the medium Steven.

yellomelo ,

Thought provoking read, few minor issues

I picked up this book, and was curious if it would guide me through my own creative blocks. While there were wonderfully written passages that makes me want to get up and get to doing what the author preaches, I was turned off by the religious tone near the end. I did appreciate his input to try to think of these religious affected parts in other ways. In addition to that: considering that this book was published in early 2000s, I was not a fan of how the author portrayed the bit about dealing with depression as something trivial. This is something to keep in mind if you decide to take this book’s words to heart in your own journey to conquering your own creative blocks. Other than these bits, this book is definitely worth the read to reframe your own mindset.

andezzz999 ,

Thought provoking and reflective

When I picked up this book the impression I had was it was strictly for artists or writers but as I continue to read it I realize it applies to so much more than just the arts. There are insights here that can be applied to many facets of our life. Many great takeaways. The way the book is constructed you could pick it up read a few pages put it down but you always come back. I think this will be one that I will reference periodically and continue to get wisdom and insight from.

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