The Warlock's Breeding Slave: A Reluctant Monster Breeding Collection

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She had heard tales of the Warlock's breeding pits. Of the women who are taken and bred with all manner of vile creatures to populate his dark armies. Tales of foul magic that brings these creature's offspring to term within weeks, so these poor women may be bred over and over again. Myths, legends and nonsense...

This collection contains all three previously published stories in the "Sex Slave in the Warlock's Breeding Pits" series: Bred by His Champion, Milked by His Champion and Bred By His Minotaurs.

Please note that this series contains explicit sexual scenes and is intended for mature audiences.

BRED BY HIS CHAMPION: When the Warlock comes to her village to choose a new bride for the pits fiery redhead Annika is relieved not to be chosen. However, when she is betrayed by her betrothed, the man she thought loved only her, she strikes a deal with the evil tyrant in a fit of rage.

She will volunteer for a life of sexual servitude and breeding if he damns her entire village. But the dark magics that allow him to do so come at a cost and Annika is stripped and bound in front of the village she wishes to damn as the Warlock calls for his Champion. A mighty beastman with an equally mighty cock.

MILKED BY HIS CHAMPION: Annika has been bound and bred by the Warlock's Beastman Champion in front of her entire village. Dark magics have accelerated her pregnancy and as the child of this unholy union grows with in her she finds her breasts heavy with milk... milk infused with magic that drives anyone (or anything) that tastes it wild with desire.

Her fellow captive Lara, a trio of beastman guards, Annika herself and finally Agy, the champion who impregnated her, all drink their fill and all succumb to their desires in an orgy of brutal sex that will push Annika's mind and body to the limit.

BRED BY HIS MINOTAURS: Angered by his Champion's growing feelings for his newest breeding slave, the Warlock banishes Agy to the Fighting Pits.

Annika vows to find the father of her child... a vow that sets her on a collision course with a trio of Minotaurs. Powerful warriors who see Annika as the perfect vessel to continue their clan's bloodline.

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March 22
Lucinda Lane
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