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Heir of Sythia follows a hidden prince across the southern provinces, as he tries to reclaim the throne of his ancestors. Aided by a band of unlikely heroes, Lucius is forced to battle powerful warlocks and dark assassins. Traveling with a renowned wizard and a hardened warrior called the Warmaster, the prince faces off against black sorcery and ancient relics. The adventure leads the party from Frost Giant caverns, through the holt of Elves and into the heart of the enemy. Against Orcs, a half-Drow shifter and allied with a Wraith, Lucius battles for his people. But not all is as it seems, and some of his greatest allies could be his deadliest foes. Warmaster Book One is a story of strong personalities, stronger will, epic battles, and a touch of romance. 

Book Two, Rise of the Lich Lord, continues the story with the return of the Warmaster. Orric unearths an ancient relic, bent on forging an empire of his own. The Warmaster finds himself in league with an ancient sorcerer, but the alliance is short-lived. Vordryn, an undead Lich, has motives of his own that are far more sinister than simple conquest. Orric must choose between an empire, and revenge. Woe to those who cross the Warmaster. 

Book Three, Dark Reunions, completes the trilogy. This time, High King Ghorne seeks immortality, and his plans involve the Warmaster. In a nearby province, a princess and her kin share a powerful curse, and it's no coincidence. In desperation, the princess turn to the Warmaster for salvation. Ghorne enlists the aid of powerful beings, hell bent on capturing the essence he needs to live forever. Among these assassins, a key villain returns to help Ghorne defeat the Warmaster. Old allies are called to action, and when the blades fall silent, only the very strongest will remain standing.

The Warmaster Trilogy is an epic adventure, tied together by the common thread of Orric the Warmaster. The three books will provide hours of enjoyment that include raucous jokes, masterful sorcery, and heroic battles. Embark on a journey where you will meet a host of enjoyable characters, and cheer them on to victory or defeat.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 1
Perry Connelly McKinley