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Zeb Carter takes on Mexican cartels as he protects a pair of sisters and their deadly secret. 

In the kill-or-be-killed world he enters, it isn't the fittest who survive. It is the most lethal.

The Warrior Code is the third thriller in the Warriors Series. Each novel can be read stand-alone.

The Warrior Code has Ty Patterson's signature storytelling with pedal-to-metal pace, shocking twists and rollercoaster thrills.

If you like Lee Child, Vince Flynn and David Baldacci, you'll love Ty Patterson.

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 2
Ty Patterson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Nonstop action in the wilderness of Wyoming!

Zeb Carter, a Special Ops agent who works for a U.S. agency that doesn't exist, is taking a break from the killing game. He is in the wilderness of Wyoming to get away from it all. Twins, Beth and Meghan Petersen are recovering from a horrific past. A past which seems to have involved assassins, who are now pursuing them. Zeb's idea of getting away didn't include getting dead and he find himself reaching for his Glock when he comes across the twins. He has a crew with him in all his agency missions. This time he's all by himself with no back up. He has always had the agency's considerable resources supporting him. This time it's just him and his Glock. He always comes out on top in his missions. This time his break from killing might be a prelude to his dying.

Now for this book! The first thing that I like about this series is family feeling that I get when I read and the relationships that have been built among the team. The way that they care for each other and the loving way that they work together even with the business that they are in and including Clare! I have read every book in the series and I look forward to the toys that the author comes up with, they are fascinating an even though some of them are way out there to some of us, they totally fit with the story line...

What did I like? One of Zeb’s codes that he lives his life by is that women and children are not to be harmed and in every way be protected. When he ran across the twins in the wild wilderness of Wyoming that code had all kinds of alarms set off. The fact that he is alone and had no resources to back him up never entered into his mind when he figured out the girls was in trouble. I also like the way that no matter where he goes into the wild or overseas in the backest of all back countries he can run across someone that he has helped. He has never backed down even when the outcome did not look like he would make it.

What are you going to like? Another (the 3rd in the series) great mission that will grip you and having you quickly turning the pages to get to the end. More excitement, more equipment, more emotions and definitely a great read. Well thought out and researched to bring out the best in all of the characters. The action will be hard and a very strong plot all against Zeb’s reaching a solution. Watch him in action and non-action; love the way that he takes his time to find the answers that he needs to take the next step in reaching an end to the problems.

I have been a beta reader for this author since book one but I have purchased because I love this series and want to keep it where I can re-read in the future. I think he will be up with the top and on the top reaching beyond some of the best crime writers of today.

Ohyeahfun ,


Once again Ty and Zeb give us another awesome story. These books are well worth your time.

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