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Zeb Carter hunts down killers who are targeting his friends and in the concrete jungle of New York, finds that the real danger might be closer than he thought it was.

And nothing is as it seems.

The Warrior's Debt is the fourth thriller in the Warriors Series. Each novel can be read stand-alone.

With its shocking twists, breakneck pace and rollercoaster thrills, The Warrior's Debt has Ty Patterson's signature storytelling that has won fans all over the world. 

If you like Lee Child, Vince Flynn and David Baldacci, you'll love Ty Patterson.

Fiction & Literature
April 28
Ty Patterson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Hard as nails ACTION!

New York is in the grip of a killer the likes of whom it has never seen before. He chooses his victims randomly and disappears like a ghost after his murderous act. The NYPD are baffled and turn to Special Ops agent, Zeb Carter. Zeb is a killer himself, an assassin, a hunter. He hunts terrorists, despots, killers of all kinds, but even his skills get him nowhere as the killer always stays one step ahead. Zeb's only hope is that the killer makes a mistake. The killer doesn't, he already has Zeb Carter on his radar. The killer turn’s hunter, Zeb Carter is prey.

What did I like? We are here on the 4th book of the series and by now if you have read them in order which I recommend but you don’t have to, the author has briefed all the previous books so beautifully and seamlessly that you could easily read this book as a standalone. The story is all on it’s own for each book has only the central characters but with an effective background brief, you will be up to date even if you haven't read the previous books. Anyway you know that Zeb has a secret weapon that only he knows about and which helps him whenever he needs it. I love this point that the author has added to the story line. Many of us have this secret that we use and no one ever knows about. It helps us make decisions and takes us out of harm’s way sometimes. It certainly works for Zeb.

What will you like? In this one we are on a psychological thrill ride. The killer is well developed, both his present-day stalker-homicidal sociopath persona, and his back-story. Again I love the way our author has presented this character, especially since previously it has all been action, action, and more action. The killer has his own voice and the voice of a serial killer and there are a few instances where these voices, stand alone and yet mix with the live conversation. Overall, this is an interesting technique for adding this killer to the story line. You will see the research that it took to develop this character and to bring him to life. You will love the work that it took to find him and the work of all the characters working together to do that. When you are hunting someone that appears like a ghost it takes the work of a village to make the most of all of the work required. You will also appreciate the relationships of the team and what drives them to do what they do but importantly what they will do when one or more are at risk of danger. This one is a really emotionally involved story and I sure held my breath more than once.

I have been a beta reader for this author since book one and I love this as it gives me the chance to work with new authors and follow along during their growth. I have been amazed at the development that Mr. Patterson has shown since the first book and I don’t think he is anywhere close to stopping till he reaches the big leagues. He certainly has shown me that he deserves to be there.

Ohyeahfun ,

You have got to read these books !

So far this series of books with Zeb Carter is excellent. The story lines, characters and plots are well written and keep you engaged from start to finish. I've said this before but Zeb is another Jack Reacher but with more friends. If you enjoy intrigue, mystery and lots of action you have got to read these books !

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