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For generations maidens of Adena’s people have been taken as brides by the powerful men of the Tlani clan, in tribute for their continued protection, and when she comes of age Adena is given to the mighty warrior Lor Quinn. Stripped bare and displayed before the assembly, her suitability as a mate is tested and confirmed for all to see before she is claimed publicly by her new husband to consummate their union.

Lor’s dominant lovemaking excites Adena far more than she ever would have thought possible, but it is only when she is led to Lor’s training chamber after the ceremony that she begins to fully realize what it means to belong to him completely. He will explore her body thoroughly, punishing and pleasuring her as he wishes until she is left blushing crimson with shame yet still aching with need and longing for him to take her in any way he pleases.

Adena soon discovers that Lor’s plans for her extend beyond their bedchamber, and as part of her training she is brought to a doctor for an intimate, humiliating examination as often as her husband feels it necessary. Any defiance merely earns her a hard, bare-bottom spanking, yet though his firm-handed dominance often leaves her with flaming cheeks and a sore bottom, as Lor’s mastery of her body deepens Adena’s passion for him burns hotter every day. But can she truly learn to embrace life as a warrior’s mate?

Publisher’s Note: The Warrior’s Mate is an erotic novel that contains spankings, sexual scenes including a threesome, medical play, anal play, exhibitionism, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that an earlier version of this book was previously released by the author under the title Training Adena.

Fiction & Literature
November 13
Stormy Night Publications
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